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Seattle’s ground game | Packers Daily

Mike Spofford takes a closer look at the D-Train’s dominance and the Seahawks’ running game ahead of Sunday’s NFC Divisional showdown in this edition of Packers Daily.

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The packers cant lose to Seattle in the playoffs agian


    @King Jay for sure! Its guna happen people will be shocked at the step up the Pack will show! Go Pack Go!!

    King Jay

    @V.T. like jason said on tps the packers will return to dominance and look where we are back in the show baby!!!!! now it’s time to battle and rodge to lead us where he always wanted hopefully offense will get it clicking and score big points this time were gonna need it we’ll make it work don’t worry packers fans let’s get it baby!!!!!!!!!!

    Antonio Herrera

    King Jay facts


    Trust me they won’t. I’m not a fan. But be happy because Packers will be the dominant team of the majority of this decade. They’ve had Rogers in the shadows for 9 years. 2020s will be his time to shine and cement him as one of the true goats. Expect the Packers to get 3 rings this decade. SB will be GB v KC this yr. Enjoy

Antonio Herrera

Go pack go beat the gayhawks

Scout 805

We do great playing the seagulls, but McCarthy prevent D let em off the hook twice! That and the Immaculate interception!
Pedal to the Metal 4 Qtrs Boyz!

    DemonKnight 124

    The INACCURATE interception… They blew the call

Austin Fox

Go Pack Go!!!!

Zachary Flores


Tyler Hockaday

Zadarius Smith Preston Smith and Kenny Clark will create a ton of pressure there will be a lot of QB hits sacks and hurries

    Austin Fox

    Tyler Hockaday 🤞🏼

    Tyler Hockaday

    And we got Dean Lowry and kyler Fackrell

DemonKnight 124

I worry about our run D… That’s the only concern I have.


    DemonKnight 124 not on this 5 week win streak we have. We hav been a top 5 run defense in the last 5 games

    Austin Fox

    Yes I have

    Austin Fox

    There’s some plays that happens but most of the time no

    Trae Seffrood

    DemonKnight 124 I wouldn’t be we’re facing a washed Marshawn Lynch and a another nobody. There 3 main running backs are all out for the season

Jess G

Bring the pain boys!!! Let’s bring that trophy home, where it belongs!!! GO PACK GO!!!

Jon Marsh

crosby is like the only consistent thing on their offense

Antonio Herrera

Us packers have been under the radar watch out for us cheese heads 🧀🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Priyank Deshmukh

Go Hawks!

777d7777 777d7777

Lets avenge the nfc championship game loss and hope we dismantle the hawks
Go Pack Go!!!!

Melissa Cassell

We owe it to the Seahawks to win at home and I approve this message. Go Pack Go.

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