Seattle Seahawks vs Green Bay Packers Divisional Round Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

This game bout to be wild hopefully but its most definately gonna end in a close game, good luck to both teams!

    William Wright

    The Packers have the advantages in almost everything and I’m still nervous 😬. I’m going to the game to support my team and I’m gonna be LOUD. GO PACK GO 🤜 🤛 🧀

    Proximity_ 72

    Extreme4LifeBRO indeed

    SSJ Carl

    Even if the packers are clearly the better team they’ll make it a close game. Im having flashbacks to 2014 already. what a grudge match

    William Wright

    SSJ Carl DONT bring that here

Jash Desai

This already came out


    Jay Stiles

    Ikr,And I’m about erase my other scores from the others because these uploads are ridiculous now

Arthur Drake

They fixed the packers to be shown as the #2 seed (was #1 in previous video)

    roquan urlacher

    hey at least it shows they pay attention to us!!!

Danrey Banzuelo

Imagine if the wildcards go to the conference champs

    Rodney Jones

    Nope Ravens Seahawks

    Ricco Patterson

    Imagine if 2 NFC North teams go to the NFC championship game. Last time that happened, it was the Packers against the Bears 2010. Go Pack Go!!!!!!!

    Third Echelon

    Ravens and 49s in super bowl

    Rodney Jones

    Nope sports are rigged and i will prove it when its Ravens vs Seahawks i will explain it then

    The Highground

    Chiefs aren’t even passing the Texans this weeks🤣

Timothy Barnard

Gonna say that if the Pack gets going early on offense and plays at least 3/4 quarters fully clicking it can get nasty. If they do, 31-14 Pack. If not it could easily be 31-14 Hawks. But more realistically it’ll end as a chess match as the Packers ended the season against the Vikings and Lions and it’ll be decided within 6. So 19-17 Pack

aaron berhane

If Aaron Jones gets going watch out!

    Jerry Junior

    aaron berhane probably will because Seattle’s biggest issue on defense is stopping the run. That defense DID give up 30+ points from the Buccaneers game, but they have been playing much more aggressive lately.

    206 Remyboyz

    If Ifedi picks up another penalty watch out!

    Travis Rehder

    Devonte Adams is the problem

Lil Kjsauce

who watched the first video?

    Noah Sorensen

    I did

    Jerry Junior

    Lil Kjsauce here

Jamie Morgan

That NFC Championship game these two teams played was insane. An absolute classic.

    uCantHop inMyCar

    Remember watching that game like it was yesterday i can’t believe it was 5 years ago since that happened

    Jamie Morgan

    @uCantHop inMyCar I swear it feels like it was at least the most a year ago. Time flys when you don’t expect it. It’s like a Mandela effect. That game was so fun to watch. We we’re going nuts.

    uCantHop inMyCar

    @Jamie Morgan Hell yeah time goes way too fast i remember my whole household was loud when kearse caught the ball in the end zone in OT ahh good times man hopefully we can witness the same type of thing this year

    Chuck Bisbee

    I remember watching the NFC Championship on an over-the-air TV broadcast in a basement apartment. The TV was constantly buffering and heavy pixalation making staying on top of what occurring almost impossible. I say almost because on the 3rd floor above me was a screamer of a gal when the Hawks scored. Her yelling told me what was going on. I celebrated the win before my TV ever showed the final score. What a time.

    Proximity_ 72

    Jamie Morgan I remember that still

Kristopher McAlpine

They replaced the vid just for the incorrect placement of the seeding 😂😂😂 it ain’t that serious

    BOYZ 2

    Kristopher McAlpine well it’s by the NFL they have high expectations

Nicholas Lassotovitch

Lol they reposted the vid to make sure the packers were number 2 seed.


If Seahawks win does that mean Wilson is the best Wisconsin QB ?


    Ben Wentz this season Wilson is the better QB

    Ben Wentz

    This year he has outplayed Aaron but we’ll see how he plays sunday. Also we’ll see if Aaron plays better which if he does I really don’t think there’s a chance for the hawks.

    William Mason

    Ben Wentz he can play well and they can still lose…it all depends if they’re able to get it in the end zone or not

    Dead Account

    @✪ KnZ How is it Rodgers fault that they lost to seahawks when his defense gave up three straight TDs and an onside kick, idiot.


“Packers were 21st in yards per pass attempt allowed, 27th in yards per completion allowed” As if that’s really bad… bro there’s only 32 teams. I’m a hawks fan but what are you doing?


    The difference is they find a way to win.

    Dan Tetzlaff

    @AdamI Playz you think when there’s the 12 best going into the playoffs, that 21st and 27th is going to cut it? What he’s doing is pointing out bottom of the league stats when you’re going against the top of the league. I’m a hawks fan too, recognizing where you can beat teams is a key point.

    Sean Selig

    @BabyBoyAzzure my only hope if that happens is the refs make good fair calls

    Ba Doai

    Yes a


    “What are you doing?”

    *puts on sunglasses*
    “We’re winning games.”

    “Are you though?”


    “I feel you could better.”

    “Don’t care.”

Sir Robin of Camelot

Just don’t go into overtime – Packers fan

    jahiem jenkins

    And drop onside kicks

K Pax

“They faced good mobile qbs” *shows trubisky and Danny fumbles* 😂

    Aniaza Guzman

    @ThatOneGuy 123 no not literally everyone daniel joned leads the whole nfl in fumbles lol

    Blah Blah

    Aniaza Guzman yeah. Leads league in fumbles and brees’ fumble was his first all season. Those are comparable

    Ba Doai

    Yes y

    GamingWorldX L

    @Aniaza Guzman he has no o line I’m pretty you’d fumble with no o line

Tonika Vickers

It’s going to be one heck of a game between two great teams battling for the championship round.

IntoTheAbyss OfTheUnknown

It’s gonna be a one possession game in the closing minutes. Whomever has the ball needs to make it count or lose.


Vikings, Ravens, Texans and Packers

Nicholas Fuller

Y’all keep sleeping on the Seahawks

    Dionte Howard

    im saying dont sleep russ & dk is dangerous

    Virginia Ybarbo

    Nicholas Fuller you mean don’t sleep on Green Bay

I eat dead rats

got a feeling lots of sacks on Wilson but lots of good runs for lynch 🔵🟢🔵🟢🔵

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