Bill Belichick on Wild Card Loss, “Thirteen wasn’t enough.” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Go Gators

Josh Allen had a bad day
Tom Brady: Hold my beer

    No Name

    @Luke Gramith to be fair, thats also a miami team, so maybe he’s just a dude rooting for his local teams

    Bills Mafia

    Go Gators they did

    Jiggy Bah

    A P lol facts

    Jiggy Bah

    Bills Mafia are you trolling? They had like 4 possessions in the first quarter😂 Watson clearly better. There’s no debate


Seeing Bill being upset about the intentional penalties from the Titans was glorious. Especially considering he did the exact same thing this season against the Jets and he had a laugh.

    X S

    Ahhh loved it
    You saw the old man was out coached there

    Terry Jackson

    @X S yeah that’s what he can’t except he hate that .

    Marianne Nahle

    Bro i was dying😂

    Y.A Tiddle

    @Katcho Litcha

Manuel Gonzalez

6 minutes of occasional awkward silence

    Mr Sharpe


    J Sky

    Could you imagine if someone blew a fart. Lol 😂🤣

    Ph.40 Lowk

    Who’d want to interview this foo with all the attitude.

    Mustafa Elfayoumi

    Manuel Gonzalez they’re all afraid

Typical Youngboy

My man staight up don’t care about these interviews

    Darth Belichick

    @Mike Stocker just like you guys seem to become more parasitic Each year laugh it off, relish in the time you have to laugh it off it’ll be funny when we beat you cheaters next year in the regular season.

    Darth Belichick

    @Mike Stocker and btw that home game you won at Boston was won for you cheaters by the refs Anyway, be thankful the other teams thank You when you CHEAT for a spot to win whilst beating our pats.

    Mike Stocker

    @Darth Belichick cheaters? Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha

    jake b

    he gives the reporters the exact opposite of what they are trying to hear lol

    Craig Beats

    2steps away from being Marshawn Lynch

Rub Tub707

Bill Belichick: aight I’ma head out

    David Martinez


That Random Person

This is such a weird interview…
It’s almost like the media people are sad they lost too…

    Yours Truly

    Do It Live walk in that mans shoes—then you can spew.


    Comrade LeBitch says the reptard whos secretly a communist Russian

dave d

The Patriots lost the game in the 2nd quarter when Michel could not score. That goal line stand won the game for the Titans.

    Steven Juris

    ginger the WR dropped the ball, wouldn’t have mattered. Even if the WR catches it , the game ends.


    @Steven Juris : Correct, Brady’s accuracy has not been good leading to many drops and interceptions. That’s why Pat fans now want to compensate by asking for the best WRs in the league for Brady. With salary cap, some other position may then take a hit.

    Jiggy Bah

    ginger right like wtf😂

    Steven Juris

    ginger there’s your problem. Brady, he will not be back. Not unless the Pats pay him big money. Your team is old , Watson is retiring, Edelman is a older, slower, less talented Walker. You need 5 WRs and 2 TEs. Good luck. It was extremely funny watching Belicheck cry like a spoiled baby that he is. It was satisfying, the most satisfying game in a long time. Hopefully it’s a sign of things to come. Every time the Pats lose an angel gets their wings.

87 ZukiSami

Haha everyone is scared shitless to ask a question

    5xNFLMVP PeytonManning

    Im scared just watching this conference

    Tyrone Jones

    Mr Man you’re

GSP hunter

The Titans: stun the Patriots and take multiple intentional penalties

Bellichick: wait, that’s illegal
Titans: just like the simulations!

    GSP hunter

    @Real Ki-Adi-Mundi Titans: are about to end Patriots
    Henry: I shouldn’t, it’s not the Tannehill way
    Davis: *while making pick* dew it

    GSP hunter

    @SatsuiEvilRyu his reply isn’t invalid, it’s just rest stupid.


    GSP hunter both hes stupid and invalid

    Steven Juris

    bargain bob the third time it was the Patriots who committed the penalty. He was crying because the clock didn’t stop on the first attempt. The rule is only legal if the Pats do it. If it’s the other team then Bill cries like the 74yr old baby girl that she is.


Palpatine looks pretty angry in his interview

    Timothy Ng

    @Mr. Blep Nick Foles

    Joey petitte

    jordan poop

    Rhett Not Link


    Mr. Blep

    Not gonna lie it would have been really funny for the Pat’s to lose in the super bowl to the niners, so that jimmy g could be the Luke lol

Roan Bascoe

Feels like a funeral.

    Tim Smith

    The death of a dynasty!

    tim scott

    @Tim Smith was gonna say the same thing lol

    Ian Sharp

    Even his wins seem like a funeral……………


“thirteen wasn’t enough”

Every sixty seconds in Africa, a minute passes

    Chantalan Martinez

    Underrated comment 😭😭😭

    The REAL mike thegamerguy24

    @Left Turn Productions [LTP] yeah ,

dgalv 7

Why do people even ask him questions lol

    Darth Belichick

    @Eric Muccino because they patriot haters why else, haters come to our teams videos TO HATE.

    *does the maximus meridias decimas quote*

    Are you not entertained? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!?! Is this not why you’re here?!


    @Fred Thompson Fascinating*

    Gregory Megatron

    @eddiewinehosen I kinda like the way he spelled it lol


It’s like interviewing a ham sandwich.

    David Carroll

    @mc getbusy as opposed to a particularly harmonic ham sandwich. One of those killed my grandparents.

    Yours Truly

    Only turds would ask a ham sandwich questions. You were saying??

    Lee Claus

    The ham sandwich has better taste

King Cota

Take a shot every time bill says “it wasn’t enough or we didn’t do enough.”

    Kyle Taylor

    I’m now drunk and in jail


    No thanks! No desire starting my Sunday with alcohol poisoning!

    Hai Voai

    Yes p

    Logan Schroeder

    I would still be sober


“the players played” wow I didn’t know they did that 😯


    Shut up


    @Doomaster imagine being this offended over a joke


    @TheVideoKid782 imagine imagining that I was even offended. Cheap joke that’s all

    Hai Voai

    Yes y

A Mitch

Bellicheck: the clock stopped and we had less points than them.

    Rio Ras souljah

    @Danny W 93 I don’t think so he’s not hurt physically and even if he doesn’t win another Superbowl he still wants to retire with a different ending

    Keke & Smooth


    . . . 1or2there . . .

    Fewer . . .

jamen Neptune

He basically just answered every question like:

“Ah yes, this floor is made out of floor”

    Ted Bundy

    That was brilliant


    He peppered in a few confrontational dismissals of the interviewer’s stupid questions and overall this was great.

    Hai Voai

    Yes o

    c k


Johnny Mikes

“Bill what your plans after this loss?”
Bill- “we’re onto Cincinnati”

    Ryan Connelly

    More so… on to the offseasin… or welp off to the 2020 season

    Gary Swanson

    We’re on to the golf course.

    . . . 1or2there . . .

    cincinati’s off limits now . . .


Summary: “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.”

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