Tom Brady on Wild Card Loss, “Weren’t able to get the job done.” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Adrian Andrade

Why does he looks like an older version of Justin Bieber 😂😂😂😂

    Teddy James

    Bieber is barely 5’7”.

    Screamin A Smith

    Adrian Andrade I think they are actually the same guy

    Adrian Andrade

    饭Kevin geez idk man. I’ll get back to you tomorrow on that trade.

    Adrian Andrade

    Screamin A Smith that’s what I’m thinking too. No wonder he lost the game lol

This Wreathing Nurse

He threw the hell out of that one ball.. he still has an arm..



Holy Diver

He has never had these questions asked before.

    Gronk Gronk

    Jay a guy calling me stupid with Patrick profile pic. Hmmmmm😂🤣🤣🤡

    G Chong

    If he does go to another team I hope for his sake they cheat as well as the Patriots

    Sports Seb

    Holy Diver lol yeah

    LB DodgerBlue

    Holy Diver well there is a first time for everything

    I’m stupider than the Guy I’m replying to, but

    The King656 people who say you must be fun at parties are literally the least fun at parties

Buster McGee

“Without saying anything in any way negative about the team, we just didn’t have the offensive firepower”

    Latti Latti

    aka the team as a whole STUNK


    Menace Clan that’s the patriot way… they all speak flat


    Lol should have kept ab😂

    Ed Lawn

    LOL, he could have given the John McKay answer to “What do you think of your offense’s execution?” “I’m in favor of it!”

    Buster McGee

    @Ed Lawn lol!

-GQSmoothGQ -

Tom Brady looks happy, but in reality he’s not

    Saint Michael

    For the first time in his professional career he has to seriously consider that he might never play again.


    Saint Michael another team will sign him if the the patriots don’t. 100% this is not if his last season if he chooses

    Paul Williams

    -GQSmoothGQ – of purse not he’s pissed 😡

Matthew Ribble

“Wish it would’ve been a 99 yard touchdown that would’ve been cool”😂

    G Chong

    @Child Friendly Content it’s called bandwagon fan. Just like most of the Patriots fans. To bad the wheel on the wagon broke

    G Chong

    @Gio H Drew Brees. Only one year younger missed 6 games and still had more touchdowns.

    Tre Frank

    If AB was there this press conference wouldn’t even exist

    Quay Tgang

    Gio H yea he sucks and his recievers only suck because he is trash. The balls need to be deflated for Brady to play well. He’s never played well w regulation balls. He doesn’t deserve to go to the hof. He garbage


this man out here looking like B-Rad from Malibu’s most wanted

    Elvir Doko

    Finesse 😂

    rickety cricket

    Or Jay Roc from trailer park boys


    rickety cricket right 🤣

    Al Phuckya

    Aye yo Traffic, Traffic,
    Looking for muh chapstick,
    Feelin Kinda car sick,
    There’s a Ford Maverick

Ronnie Bryant

Tom looked like he was about to film Training Day 2 with Denzel😂😂😂

    Teddy James

    Denzel died in the end. Narc makes Training Day look PG.


    Yours Truly u must b fun at parties

    Kevin Burke

    King Kong ain’t got nothing on Brady

    Anthony Rodriguez

    @Kevin Burke but the dolphins and titans do

    perfect stranger

    @Kevin Burke hee hee

Flaptastic Pickle

Tom: “You Know” “You Know” “You Know”
I don’t know

    Joe's Mobile Gaming

    Lol true you know


    Flaptastic Pickle HAHAHA YES

    Paulo K

    IQ 137 right there folks.


    You know


So many people are going to try to blame him for this loss even though he kept hitting his receivers in the hands and they couldn’t catch sh*t.

    G Chong

    @LSJ Martin I’m a Packers fan but I have to agree Brees is a better QB than Brady.

    G Chong

    @2buxaslice Brady just happened to be a great QB on a good team with a great coach. He’s not the best ever though. Rodgers, Manning,Brees would all have the same 6 rings if they were on the Patriots. Put Brady on their teams with them terrible defenses and he might have one maybe 2.


    G Chong Why don’t you list all the Hall of Fame receivers and running backs Brady had on his team on the years he won the 6 Superbowls.

    Love Steelers

    He sucks. Loser. Cheater. Period. He’s not the greatest of all time, he’s a proven cheater. Period

    Matthew Collins

    @Vexas345 there was 8 seconds left from the 1 yrd line. Get real moron!


Hes dressed like a College student on Holiday vacation visiting his parents in Winter lmao

    Prince Edward

    nah, he’s dressed like you when u go to the club trying to pick up on the young drunk broads




    He’s dressed like he’s about to do a drive by in menace to society

    Al Phuckya

    Prince Edward 1. Enjoy the STDs. 2. No dude is rolling up to the club lookin like that

    Bob Marley

    johnstjohn1987 that’s a very descriptive thing to say

greg barry

O no Tom is turning in to Russell Westbrook say “Exucuted”😂😂

Luke Sands

Brady looks like he’s about to get the #8 at Taco Bell

    Spencer Whitsett


    Dean Chu


jimmy e

“I’m going to be the head coach at the university of Michigan”

    jimmy e

    @Cee Mer He doesn’t need that free loader


    jimmy e his wife has more money than him

    jimmy e

    @JellyBeanFarm I know. I was kidding.

Shannon With The Mild

“Ya know”

*Tom Brady – 2020*


    Lmfao the Shannon with the mild name

    shawn bopko

    Hes a big cry baby wether or not he wants to return I 2020 along with with his dad billicheck he will be back for 1 more season with the Patriots


I already can hear Shannon screaming.

    Ronnie Johnson

    @Stephen Calaminici im waiting on shay sharp 😂😂😭😭😭😭😭

    shawn bopko

    Brady will come back for 1 more season

    Robert Taylor

    @shawn bopko if he don’t get the right protection it will definitely be his last season!

    shawn bopko

    @Robert Taylor they have it all the protection

    T Blessed


UppyMcDowny -

“thoughts on your last pass being a pick six, how would that sit with you?”

TB12: “Its what happens when you throw the ball”

Jameis: “It sure does, Tom.”

    Peter h Bergen


    Thomas Storff

    @Peter h Bergen Satan is warming up you and Bill’s bunkbeds Tommy.

Get to the CHOPPAAA

Tom went home and got drunk off of avocado smoothies.

    Ed Lawn

    He gets to go home to a supermodel.

    Teddy James

    Ed Lawn I’ve been a Patriots fan since Bellichick joined and Brady’s wife looks like a man.

    Al Phuckya

    Teddy James I will admit, she does have some very strong facial features xD.

    Teddy James

    Al Phuckya lol I’ve seen beach pictures of Brady and his wife and he tower towers her. He’s 6’4” in shoes, so she must be 5’5” barefoot.

Football 101

Tom Brady won’t retire after his last throw being a pick six


Sam Darnold against the Patriot’s defense: “I’m seeing ghosts.”

Patroits defense against Derrick Henry:
“We see a giant bowling ball.”

    Jerry Kwerve


    Keaden Wheeler

    formeyousee that shii funny 😂😂😂😂

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