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Jake harkunc

Vrabel after he took almost two minutes of the clock: “once I was the learner now I am the master.”

    Kordel Davis

    Annakin! I loved you like a father!

    David Constantino Marín Uzcanga


    Monkey Baby Ni

    This is the game of the gods of strength, solidarity and great fighting spirit
    i love all you

Robert Tarbox Jr

Brady throws a pick 6, at home, in the playoffs, to end the Patriots season

[everyone liked that]


    Mark Jackson *would’ve

    Geoffrey Bruce

    @protectthesun 1 Statistically they might have the best defense and special teams but not today.

Derek Nosbisch

The New England Patriots haven’t won a game this decade…

    Jeff Corey

    @Nick Foxer ok boomer

    Francisco III Estrada

    Derek Nosbisch lollll they will don’t worry bro

    David Williams

    At 1st I didn’t get it 🤪

    David Williams

    @Dats a paddlin I’m a warriors fan not rly 😝

    David Williams

    @matrixphijr if u count like
    1980 1
    1981 2
    Etc 1980-1989 is ten yrs


Some people just want to see the world burn.. & Some people just want to see the Patriots lose 🤷‍♂️

    Gael Chavez

    AD4Audio everyone wants to see the pats lose

    Madilyn Cote

    Gael Chavez because they’re good? That’s not a reason to hate a team.


    @Madilyn Cote “were good”

    Madilyn Cote

    RoliePolieColie yeah I mean the only reason that people don’t like the patriots is because they won 6 Super Bowls

    Madilyn Cote

    And I mean yeah they aren’t as good as before but that’s fine

TheMacaroni Bear

At least Brady threw a touchdown on his last pass.

    barricade 123


    TheMacaroni Bear

    barricade 123 😂

    teddy mills

    What does Kelso say ? Burn!

    30 Minute Songs

    Bruh 😂😂😂

    Arvind Narayan

    i dont recall him announcing his retirment??

Ghani Ghazli

The Titans deserve to be national heroes since they made the nfl playoffs actually watchable


    @Ahstro Also Ravens are more fun to watch then Brady who needs flags and deflated balls to win..


    Meh yea i could actually watch lamar tho the ravens are pretty entertaining

    Landon Meyer

    Don’t worry the refs will make the playoffs unbearable again at some point. Just a matter of which game


    Landon Meyer the NFL is one Big script


And to think this all started with the dolphins


    Well the yinzers would be in the #6 seed if the Jets didn’t beat them so we all have to thank the Jets


    Started with the Ravens and giving them their first loss


    Kyselus Pats lose https://youtu.be/6HS4a9ElCuQ

    Kayla Holmes

    Started with the Ravens, they were the catalyst haha


    Dolphins delivered the final blow for sure, if Patriots win that, another first round bye.. Brady has never won the superbowl without the bye

Duke Dean

Belichick looks like he hasn’t had a bath since the Dolphins game.

    Tyler D

    @midnight rider71 nothing wrong with nappy hair 😂

    LongestYoutubeNameYouWillEverSee InYourLifeMaybe

    @midnight rider71 lmao

    Raymond Johnson

    Lmfao😂😂😂😂🥴🥴🥴🥴🤭😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭I cried laughing reading this..I had to tell other ppl in the house this..I needed that laugh thank you so much…😂😂😂

    Queen Neesh

    Duke Dean ha ha


Let’s give credit to the Titans defense, they were rock solid and came up big when they needed to.


“The Patriots Will Easily Win This Game”

Derick Henry “Hold My Birthday Cake”


    Devronicus because I’m dumb idk lol


    @Devronicus lmao

S7even M3rcado

Patriots defense exists

Derrick Henry: it’s free real estate

    Jayden Jihoon Kang

    Go dodgers

    Earth Scraper95

    That was hell of a performance on the ground lol

    Geoffrey Taylor

    Jared Champagne y’all have really good pass D it’s just your Run D is mediocre so when the best back in the league shows up its an automatic field day. Remember Tannehill only threw for 75 yards


    For all you lovers of NFL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2lxaeScSOU


    Derrick Henry was showing out! Best pod out https://youtu.be/-nopyCDeYiA


Teams are aware of Patroits filming them secretly now. This is the real pats team with no film on other team practicing. 🤣🤣🤣

    Ian Clancy

    Dude get some new excuses. It’s so old. Best coach and QB combo ever. Just accept it and grow up.

    Anthony Armstrong

    @Ian Clancy that’s the problem they can’t except someone being good at what they do so here comes the hate,and when you lose….all is well


That glorious silence in the stadium when the clock hit zero? So satisfying to hear.


    Can you hear silence? 🤷‍♂️

    LilCharles Alexander

    Man I’m mad I missed that I would have LMAO! Lol 😂 it would have been a sight to see lol


    I was there. Pretty much 95% of people left after the pick 6. It was silent because there was nobody left or they weren’t even paying attention anymore.

    M H

    @CorrosiveRi0T I mean make sense game was over time to make the trek home. Foxboro is in the middle of nowhere. Usually takes people over an hour to get home.

Tony Diablo

Miami: Everyone who hates the Patriots, you’re welcome….

    marc Fuller

    Thank you dolphins.

Romax 24245

*Star Wars: A New Hope:* After the Falcons choke away the title to the Patriots, the Evil Empire tries to make it 2 in a row. They trounce past the Mariota led Titans and narrowly wins against the Bortles lead Jaguars, an underdog team. Meanwhile, the Eagles out winged the choking Ryan led Falcons, while murdering the Keenum led Vikings in the semis, all with a backup quarterback named Nick Foles. The Eagles and Patriots went back and forth with each other in a close and thrilling fight, but in the end, the Evil Empire fell to the jubilant Eagles, who takes the throne for the first time in decades.

*Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back:* The Eagles hoped to make it back to back. They won in a close fight against the Bears after Cody Parkey missed the field goal, but their hopes were dashed when they blew a 14 point lead against the Brees led Saints. With the throne out in the open, the Rams (who defeated the Prescott led Cowboys previously) were determined to take it by any means necessary. In a heated semi-Finals game between the Saints and the Rams, Robey-Coleman rams into a Saints receiver in an act of pass interference, which gets uncalled for, and effectively causes the Saints to lose the game they had in the bag, leaving Saints fans enraged and calling on the Pats for payback, while other fans call out refball. Meanwhile, Tom Brady and the Pats overcome a fan with a laser pointer to win against the Chiefs. The Pats reclaim the throne in a defensive struggle, thanks to a struggling Jared Goff who threw a costly interception and scoring no touchdowns. Saints fans celebrate, and so do the patriots fans (and no one else)

*Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi:* Coming off a loss against their kryptonite, the Dolphins, the Patriots had to make it past the wildcard round in order to have a fighting chance. Meanwhile, the Titans create a plan on how to defeat the Patriots. They send out Ryan Tannehill, a former member of the kryptonite team that is the Dolphins, to weaken the Patriots’ defenses, while stopping the Pats offense with their superior defense. In the game, they did just that. They got revenge of the team that beat them 2 years before under Marcus Mariota. The Patriots’ title defense was already over in the Wildcard round. Everyone except the Pats fans rejoice

    Raymond Johnson

    How many beers did you have when you wrote this


    Saints fan here. I didn’t even watch that SB, we got robbed from a great Brady v Brees matchup of the decade..


    Sqaud Leader fake religions make people what they are




Remember, this was all made possible by the Dolphins. They sacrificed their tank for the greater good.

    Rico Tubbs

    Squinzyboy frfr

    Jeff A.E.

    Squinzyboy the next best thing after a 1st overall pick? Screwing over your rival lol


The Titans after the game:
*Well boys, we did it. The Patriots Dynasty is no more.*

Happy Thoughts

2017 Eagles: A New Hope
2018 Patriots: The Empire Strikes Back
2019 Derrick Henry: Return Of The Jedi

    Timothy Bailey

    The Dolphins are the Ewoks in return of the Jedi



    TacoStaco _DBZ

    2020 Patrick Mahomes: The Force Awakens

    Jeff A.E.

    Happy Thoughts Derrick Henry and a bunch of part time football players
    And Logan Ryan 😎

Junior O

Derrick Henry is damn near bigger than every Linebacker in the NFL

    Max DeBorde

    Best RB in the nfl

Rando Kal

Tom Brady: “I am inevitable!”

Derrick Henry: “And I…..am…..a Titan, man.”

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