Ben Watson, Julian Edelman, and Jakobi Meyers on mindset going into Wild Card Weekend – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Ben Watson, Julian Edelman, and Jakobi Meyers on mindset going into Wild Card Weekend

Ben Watson, Julian Edelman, and Jakobi Meyers discuss the team's mindset and what to do in order to win the wild card game this Saturday against the Tennessee Titans.

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Nick18 M

Excited for Saturday night

    Psycho Logical

    No bs I’m glad its a night game too, day games in the playoffs just doesn’t feel the same lol LFG

    Nick18 M

    Psycho Logical it’ll be rainy and cold. Not as cold as that other titans pats playoff game though obviously

    Gustavo Fring

    Nick18 M me too I don’t have cable though ima have to go to a bar or something to watch both games. Then there’s Sunday games too

    Nick18 M

    Gustavo Fring I was a little worried about the game but now I’m just excited

basketballplayer101 02

I’m very nervous about this game. But imma believe in our team.😔

    Thanos Etsitty

    Don’t be nervous. They got this game.


    If we make it all the way this year… holy cow… it will be the Pats greatest Super Bowl season.


Jakobi needs to be in the mindset of running better routes and catching the friggin ball.


    @Sharingan Chris he was undrafted for a damn reason. The pats took a shot at him and at some point he can probably become a solid WR2. He is an experiment, so shut yo mouth!

    Sharingan Chris

    @Doomaster pls.. he’s a BUM, mark my words, Belicheck will cut him b4 next season’ starts .. experiment or not he not cut out for the NFL .. but maybe the CFL.


    Uh let’s not forget Edleman has had the case of the butter fingers as well this season.

    Sharingan Chris

    @roxxylala26 True indeed


    @Sharingan Chris The Patriots take chances on players like Jacobi, players that no one wanted. Players like Tom Brady, Devlin, Slater, Edelman, James White, etc. All these players looked awful in their younger years but the Patriots gave em a chance. And look at them now. This is the Patriot way. And this won’t end any time soon. Gunner Olshensky, Jacobi Mayers , Harris, Stidham, these guys are the future of the patriots offence. Bill ain’t dropping any one of them any time soon

Eman Paul

I’m a bit nervous but I know that they can pull it off #LFG bring out best sat night 🏈🇳🇵🔵🔴⚫🔴🔵

Nara Ton

Do Your Jobs #LFG

Jason-doc- Holiday

We need to get Meyers and nkeal harry involved more I know it’s a slow process and harry just started what 3 games ago but I think McDaniels needs to create more plays specifically for them just toss them the ball and let them make them plays I like how Meyers balls out his enthusiasm great hands he is what 6’3 in a half yes he still needs to fill out he is young let him out like 10-15 pounds of lean muscle on he could be a serious PROBlem too


    Jason-doc- Holiday Meyers hurt isn’t he?

    Jason-doc- Holiday

    @akosh1976 na I don’t think so he was out there last game but very sparingly I mean could be but I don’t think he is hope not lol

therion s

GO PATS!!!!!!!!


Just catch the damn ball… all of you please catch the damn ball

    Scarecrow music5

    Miami = Pats did a total drop fest. Man, that game was tough to watch.

Kalinbuggs !

Stop playing Ben Watson

    Jason-doc- Holiday

    Who u gonna play Matt lacosse??? And Roberts is already playing fullback and linebacker

phil gary

7 Baby


    phil gary we going to the SB

Anindya Ghosal

Ben Watson is a veteran guy. I believe he will be able to step up in this game including the receivers. But in the playoffs the most interesting thing is that the most no of teams in playoffs are rushing teams. If they could get the run game going they might pull off a playoff run.

Kirk Moore

Don’t fear, fellow Patriot fans! The camera has our back! Detailed sharp images will keep the boys in the money! Go Patriots! Win! Win! Win! At any cost! Just Win!

Hip Hop Junkie

For starters we need someone to convert on third downs. LFG


Hey #patsnation, I believe y’all can win. WE ARE the current World Champs. Run up get done up by Patriots! #resteasy


Get Donald delahaye to be the kicker

Mako Reizei

Imagine picking N’keal harry and Joejuan Williams over A.J. Brown


Ben Watson NEEDS to STOP COMMITING stupid pick plays if they get penalized for it. Ugh.

Marcel D

I never understood why they don’t put Philip Dorsett in the slot more use him like a Julian Edelman stop running deep routes with him.

Scarecrow music5

I feel this Saturday night game – is our Super Bowl. How can I not cheer them on !

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