Lawrence Guy on playoff mindset: “This is a whole new season” | 1-on-1 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Aryan Khirwadkar


Aryan Khirwadkar

BIT WEIRD – But I think if we beat the titans we going to the SB

    Mr Pan

    It’s not weird dude. We’re going to the SB.

    Todd Johnson

    It’s just not going to happen. Titans, chiefs, ravens. Not a chance.

    Mr Pan

    @Todd Johnson Yeah man, they’ll beat all 3 of those teams. That’s assuming Ravens even make it to the AFC title game.

    Wypipo Trippin

    @Mr Pan LOL. You don’t think the Ravens are the team to beat?


Well said from an Arizona State Sun Devil! Go Pats! Go Devils!

Nara Ton

Patriots vs. either Saints/Packers or 49ers in SB!;-)

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