Bill Belichick: Everybody understands that this is a one-game season | Coffee with the Coach – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Bill Belichick: Everybody understands that this is a one-game season | Coffee with the Coach

Scott Zolak and Coach Belichick sit down to discuss preparing for Derrick Henry, Ryan Tannehill & the Titans in Saturday's wild card matchup.

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Craig Somer


Craig Somer

First to like sat 4th January in australia

Black Ghost

Let’s go pats

Krish Patel

The way Tom and Gilmore talked in their press conference gives me a lot of confidence.
Go pats!



J Andro

I liked the attitudes in the press conference today. Excited to be at the game on Saturday, I have a good feeling these boys are going to be bringing their A game. LFG!!!


Titans will win 27-6.



john boutwell

So dam sad. We shouldn’t be in this predicament tomorrow. We just had to beat Miami but of course the pats choke like every last game in the seasons. Miami beats us so dam sad

    Hollywood MK

    Best thing to ever happen to the Patriots. Makes winning a Super Bowl that much sweeter.

    john boutwell

    @Hollywood MK did u see Brady’s interview when he said look at the 07 and 2011 Giants. They were the wildcard team and won it all both time

    Hollywood MK

    @john boutwell People are so caught up in the fact that the Patriots have to play Wild Card Weekend. The fact people are even talking about that is a testament to what they’ve achieved already. I don’t think they’ll win the Super Bowl, even being a Patriots fan. It’s incredibly hard to do what they’ve done over the last twenty years. But that’s okay – because they don’t have to prove anything. Anything can happen any given day, and while I do believe they’ll beat the Titans, that potential game against Kansas City will be a lot more competitive than people think. I mean, they only won by a touchdown the last time they played.

    john boutwell

    @Hollywood MK I believe this season was an incredible season and the NFC is or was great this year for once I’m more interested in the NFC than the AFC and I too am a pats fan but since I collect football cards I’ve learn to be a football fan this year was full of upsets and so many surprises but I do hope the refs just let them play and not cheat for any team. It was ridiculous on how many games the refs and their so called mistakes cost the team wins

    Joe Richard

    Many teams would dream that they had a wildcard playoff game.


Titans win 2-1 betting casinos say. It’s going to be close this game. But if the Pats win they 100% lose against the Chief’s!!!!

    Hollywood MK

    100% lose? Didn’t people say the same thing last year, and the Chiefs lost? Yeah, that’s not happening. You can’t say “100%” a team will lose, that’s egregious – especially when it comes to the Patriots. People like you are the ones that said five years ago the Patriots will lose that year, then the year after, then the year after that – until finally six years later your prediction comes true and you act like you were right. Laughable.


    Hollywood MK Finally someone said it. We came in last year kicking their asses!

    Bryan Bree

    C.S.Allen the Chiefs? We won’t beat Baltimore next week in Baltimore! I think it’s one and done


    @Hollywood MK Hey, I hear yeah. But as a fan of the Pats I already know in my bones that they won’t make it to the SB. I’ve never said that they would lose any year since Brady took over until now. Brady even turned his Patriots hoody inside out during a press conference because he was so pissed about their loss to the Dolphins. So, just a recap; Fan of the Patriots (me) said that they won’t be in the SB this year.


It was a fun run boys

Calvin Nelms

Pats win

rich ernest

Field position.Never forget touch back in Denver you sneaky beast.In it to win it for N.F.L’s Legendary General.Take care of mini-me Titans Patriot way.

xXx KRATOS x84x Gaming

Ya remember what you always say Bill, do what’s best for the team. like taking out our best corner of Super Bowl against the Eagles. Wtf??? When Tom goes the pats unfortunately will be s***

Thomas Yohannes

It’s gonna be raining so I hope Patriots blitz a bunch and takes Henry out, because he’s obviously the best player

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