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nate k

The Heroes are the absolute best.

    gary cobiak


SupaHot 323

24:07 for yall Titan fans, TITANUP

    Dominant Persona

    @gary cobiak

    Too bad, they will go 1 & 2 to finish their schedule



    Jace Tompkins


    Vincent James

    Titans have been ballin. Sleeper team for sure

Give Me A Hit

There are powerful players that are rocking the NFL boat. Huge twilight dimensional plays are about to be displayed on the field.


Whoa, Nelly Furtado! That’s a spicy meatball.

    gary cobiak



    gary cobiak Its from Greg’s other podcast with Anthony Jeselnik

Kim Farrison

Don’t doubt Jimmy and this 49er team there the real deal big time

hennessey wilson

49ers in the game of the year…… every other week

    Parzehlli TV

    Just goes to show ya they are preparing to make the next big star after Brady retires. Its going to be the 49ers vs Pats in the SB. Jimmy will win it cause he is next up!

Griff __14988941

Captain Obvious says “this show is more fun to watch when your team wins.”

Go Niners!!!

    Parzehlli TV

    49ers vs pats.. Jimmy will win cause he is next up after Brady!

    Griff __14988941

    @Parzehlli TV Niners vs Chiefs

    Mahomeboy is baaaack!!!

Cholo Andres

1:20 for the faithful GO NINERS

Nathan Rodriguez

24:00 Josh Allen actually played pretty good today. And that sack fumble was just all Judon. Teams are gonna learn they cant expect a TE to block him one on one. I’m more than happy to watch teams keep trying though. #RavensFlock

Sammy Licata

Aw he was called out of bounds the Pats were screwed. Didn’t they end up with 1st and goal on the 3 and you then didn’t score with 4 more plays?


    You are stupid. No score is guaranteed so this call was huge. What about the kelce fumble? The missed pi?

Matej Bilonic

32:29 #broncoscountry


    Thank u so much

Yo San

1:50 saints 49ers
9:56 chiefs patriots
18:35 Bills and Ravens
24:17 TITANS and Raiders
32:30 broncos and Texans
40:05 Buccaneers and Colts
44:24 Steelers vs Cardinals
48:39 Brown’s and Bengals
55:55 vikings lions
1:03:54 packers and skins
1:08:30 falcons panthers
1:10:03 chargers jaguars
1:14:30 jets dolphins
1:18:38 2 minute drill
1:21:35 sewahawks rams

    adidasx sambas

    Yo San you are appreciated for this

    Deandre Ray

    Yo San thanks homie



    Magnus Nygaard

    You, sir, are a shining beacon of light in the darkness that is the YT comments section!

    Edit: As a Dane, I could also have called you “a light bacon” – but in most non-Danish cultures such accolades are often misunderstood…

    2nd Edit: in short: Thank you!

Jake Abjornson

I am a dolphins fan…
I went to the game too
The jets fans were obnoxious


    (This is coming from a Bills fan)Jets fans are usually obnoxious. They’re almost similar to cowboys fans in the way that, they talk trash all the time yet(unlike the cowboys) their team can’t win games. I have respect for the dolphins because of the history between the bills and dolphins, but when it comes to the jets I can’t stand them one bit.


    Jake Abjornson don’t worry though, at least your team is better coached and down the road will be more successful than those New Jersey Clowns anyway

Mathew Flores

Marcus Williams giving miracles like candy on Halloween.

Frosty y

Pats got it hella easy they play the bengals and dolphins 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Stephanie Cruz

You know those were touchdowns …and that was a fumble….

Ernesto Gastelum

damn i miss the other radio talk host that the Chargers had back in SD

Raj Papineni

Trade of the year was the Steelers trading for Minkah

Ken Shearson

The Pats could have had a good, young QB for the future like Jimmy G. But, Tammy Brady Kraft cried to his daddy so now they’re got an old guy who curls up into the fetal position when there’s a blitz.


    The patriots o line is so injured

jeff buchanan

It’s not whose the better team, it’s the officials that determine who wins.

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