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How Will the AFC Playoff Picture Shake Out?

Good Morning Football debates how the 2019 AFC Playoff picture will shake Out.

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Tyler Miller Reply

Titanup and stay humble, this is for the boys

    Elijah Foringer Reply

    Tyler Miller nope I’m a Steelers fan, and your not going to the playoffs

    Orlando Jones Reply

    @Elijah Foringer you guys will go because buffalo will fall and my Titans are winning the division from the Texans

    Bryce Taylor Reply

    Elijah Foringer even if the Steelers get in the playoffs they are gonna lose

    Beau Reply

    @Elijah Foringer if they win against the Texans twice they got the division

    Jacob Mittag Reply


A Bite Of Life Reply

Good luck to all the
Teams in the AFC who don’t cheat.

    Elijah Foringer Reply

    A Bite Of Life thanks bro

    Dead Viking Reply

    John Bishop found a bandwagon patriots fan

    Crystal Peridot Reply

    John Bishop you mean the chiefs Ravens destroyed ur pats

    Virginia Cavs Reply

    @John Bishop how

Alles Klar Reply

Go titans ♥️

    BIGBALLS Reply

    titans are such a random team

    Alles Klar Reply

    @BIGBALLS this is true,but lets see what happens
    I would give the Titans credit right now

    BIGBALLS Reply

    @Alles Klar facts

    Beau Reply

    Henry is such a beast and Tannehil is way better than Mariota. They have a shot.

    Alles Klar Reply

    @Beau the Moment is for the titans right now
    But the last 3 games are difficult
    Because they can win very much but can also lose very much

SSJRonnie 1 Reply

Its amazing how the steelers are in the playoff picture while Losing a lot of good players

    SSJRonnie 1 Reply

    @Kluuz true but Tom Brady always finds a way to win those games

    Dead Viking Reply

    MRJ2012 you’re stupid

    Kluuz Reply

    @SSJRonnie 1 They did just lose to the Texans and the Chiefs. Usually I’d see them losing and think, oh..he’ll comeback and win the game for them. I think Brady and Belichick are in their final few years.


    SSJRonnie 1 fr

    St. Nick Foles Reply

    Sometimes it is not about the talent. Coaching and chemistry is the most important

Tone W Reply

Let them know Kyle, Steel Gang WE COMING… Keep Sleeping, KEEP DOUBTING

    SQUAD Reply

    We gonna shut down all the haters

    s.afeaki Reply

    In Duck We Trust ✊🏽

    SQUAD Reply

    @s.afeaki I like that I’ma make a shirt now😂😂

    s.afeaki Reply

    SQUAD hahahah 😂

Emmanuel sanders Reply

The 49ears and the Ravens are the only teams that are 11-2

    Mason Rome Reply

    Lol if my saints tightened up on defense, your 49ers would be 10-3

    Emmanuel sanders Reply

    @Mason Rome but the 49ears defense is better

    Emmanuel sanders Reply

    @Mason Rome if my 49ears defense tightened up then we will have beat the saints by 14 or 21

    Mason Rome Reply

    Emmanuel sanders doubt it, but we shall see in a hopeful rematch


    Look ma no clothes Green Bay lol

stingray Reply

Pretty crazy to think that the Steelers lost to the best teams, ravens(close game), patriots, niners(close game), Seahawks(close game) browns.

    Barry Huber Reply

    also crazy is the fact that every afc division leader have all beaten the patriots this season

    stingray Reply

    Barry Huber Patriots just aren’t the same team man. They lose to good teams while they smack bad ones. But that’s always been the narrative so we can’t count them out

    MrUHOH415 Reply

    Honestly, they should have beaten the Niners.

    They got 5 turnovers against us.

    Brady and the Pats absolutely beat the crap out of the Steelers in Week 1.

    stingray Reply

    MrUHOH415 they’ve been in all the games they’ve lost except the patriots and all those teams are Super Bowl contenders

Zzz 970 Reply

I’m not even a titans fan but i wanna see them make the playoffs

    Bram Van Roo Reply

    I do too

Crxzy Reply

Talks about every team but bills

    russell westbrook Reply

    Why talk about the bills?

    Crxzy Reply

    russell westbrook I’m saying they are talking about what’s gonna happen in the AFC playoffs and the bills are there so what’s gonna happen with them

    Beau Reply

    @Crxzy they’re going one and done in the playoffs on the road of wild card round

    Onassis88 Reply

    They won’t make it far with that QB. He sucks

    russell westbrook Reply

    Watch the bills win the superbowl this season lol. Like the Raptors won, Nationals in baseball. Are they trying to prove pro sports aint fixed any more or what?

Hugo González Reply

3:26 steelers defense 1st in turnovers…

Jburrow SMM Reply

Rename this video “We want the Titans to make the playoffs”

    charlie webb Reply

    come on man, let the titans have this. We never get any national media attention.

    Jburrow SMM Reply

    I’m not against it, but I see more impressive teams that should be mentioned alongside the Titans

Nick Barbagallo Reply

Titans lead the league in “New QB, who dis”?

russell westbrook Reply

Go Dolphins (maybe in a decade)

Dayquan Watson Reply

Wasn’t nothing about chiefs win impressive yesterday , 2 wrongs calls cost the pats tds and they still almost won

Drail Reply

1. Ravens
2. Patriots
3. Chiefs
4. Titans
5. Bills
6. Steelers

    Crystal Peridot Reply

    Titans over bills ehhhhhhh

    Drail Reply

    Crystal Peridot they have to cuz the bills are the wildcard

    David Espinoza Reply

    No Texans

Michael Holthaus Reply

I used to skip school and sit in Arrowhead while they were building it,back in 1973,Ruskin High School. Beautiful, loud place to play.

Dillon Evans Reply

Titans are coming like a bear

LuminaryPrism75 Reply

Hope the Ravens lose.

They’re impressive but they have holes that people are ignoring. Would be nice to see that exposed. Plus any time their team is somewhat good their fans become insufferable.

TheOmiester Reply

Who else loves that they didnt talk about half those playoff teams

robert glasgow Reply

The Titans are hot while the Texans are struggling. TITAN UP

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