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JBTEsquire the Seventh Reply

It’s a good day when my Titans are in the thumbnail of a video outside of game highlights.

    JBTEsquire the Seventh Reply

    @Ich möchte Abonnenten ohne Video xD Name Tiger10 The Titans would have the division title now, if our kicking unit could score field goals.

    Ich möchte Abonnenten ohne Video xD Name Tiger10 Reply

    JBTEsquire the Seventh did you See the game against Kansas? 85% YDS by Henry

    khaled naimat Reply

    Ich möchte Abonnenten ohne Video xD Name Tiger10 ok and your acting like were not supposed to run the ball it’s all apart football stop making excuses like coulda shoulda and woulda

    JBTEsquire the Seventh Reply

    @Ich möchte Abonnenten ohne Video xD Name Tiger10 if our passing game wasn’t a threat, then defenses would solely focus on stopping Derrick Henry, and he would be less productive, he would still do his best, and make some good plays, but quarterback play that’s been dangerous enough to make opposing teams also have to try to stop it gives Henry and our play-action more of an edge against defenses.

    JBTEsquire the Seventh Reply

    @Ich möchte Abonnenten ohne Video xD Name Tiger10 also, Hnery played this game with a hamstring injury, so it’s a good thing that Ryan was able to throw for almost 400 yards, and 3 TDs, with just 22 completions, and 27 attempts total.

Webster Kollie Reply

Damn… imagine forcing 3 ints and still loss 😂

    Adam Nowlin Reply

    No one can. Well except for the colts

    ninja rocket Reply

    Steelers vs niners

Adam Nowlin Reply

Should just be a compilation of saints and Niners. 11-2 baby let’s go!!!

    bruce lau Reply

    Adam Nowlin honestly and that’s the game of the year for the 2019-2020 NFL season

    Franko spanko Reply

    bruce lau game of the year was ravens vs dolphins that was a nail bitter all the way to 11 mins left in the first

    Adam Nowlin Reply

    Franko spanko more like 15 minutes left in the first

plumb Twisted Reply

Titan Up!

Nike Trushkov Reply

Where is Kittle’s 1v4 catch and run?

    Jayjay Okoro Reply

    if you’re talking about the one at the end of the game..the catch itself was pretty normal…the run however…sheesh

    Mister Frak Reply

    The catch is not really insane but the run was just amazing

    Nike Trushkov Reply

    I meant that the whole play should have been included (Kittle catching it and then just wrestling his way into field goal range).

Sauce M’geeser Reply



    O Alonzo A Reply

    Man i was so glad it was him who caught it. Hope to see him more. Riseup. And we need to rebuild on the o-line and get the defense to be steady and not so inconsistent. And we have the talent so I’m thinking coaching is where it starts.


Where is AJ Brown’s 91 yarder?

    JBTEsquire the Seventh Reply

    Well, as awesome as that was, this list is more about how impressive the catches themselves were, rather than the play that came after the catch. It was a good one, but not nearly as impressive as Smith hauling in a reception, when a defender is trying to force the incompletion.

    Evil Duck Reply

    I’m just wondering where was Blasingame catch it should’ve made it on here

    Breyton Gibbs Reply

    JBTEsquire the Seventh the 91 yard td catch was more impressive than Emmanuel Sanders’ 75 but that was still on here

    JBTEsquire the Seventh Reply

    @Breyton Gibbs that’s the media not giving much love to the Titans there

bruce lau Reply

Honestly this was a wild Week 14 for the NFL , just insane , Saints Niners was Game of the YEAR

    William Wright Reply

    helllllllll no

    Cholo Andres Reply

    William Beer your mad and u don’t know the rules about football

    Shima Robinson Reply

    Cholo Andres 1:22 did you not see that pass interference?

    Benjamin Ehrlich Reply

    wild CARD week hahahaahahahahahahahahahah

    Benjamin Ehrlich Reply

    Shima Robinson he stumbled that’s no OPI

7718julian Reply

All this great football today and watch Skip and Shannon Undisputed have 3 topics on the Cowboys

    Max Stevens Reply

    Best comment I’ve seen in a while

    Damian Ramirez Reply

    Sadly that’s why I don’t watch it as much anymore lmao it’s only about the Cowboys, Pats, or Packers at this point

Cameron Santiago Reply

Top calls in the NFL 😂

Bigmike ee Reply

That terry Mclaurin catch was nasty💪

Outlaw0486 Reply

Bro how isn’t the kittle catch in there coming in clutch late in the 4th setting up fo game winning Field goal

    PGD Panda Reply

    It’s not a good catch. Just a good run

Migil Reply

Kyler Murray’s pass to David Johnson for the TD?

Isaac Stottlemyer Reply

“Heavily covered by Addae”
That’s what I call an oxymoron

Mikko Reply

Diggsy’s sideline toe drag swag was the best catch this week

Xentric Reply

6:34 Cuddle time in the end zone?

Nathan Langseth Reply

3:30 the way #26 fell LOL

J3FF Reply

I watched that one handed bills catch live. Best play from the bills besides making the ravens look even better

Team Jesus Reply

I love Kevin Harlan lol. Best reactions ever lol

Arona Sanchez Reply

Breshad Perriman on top catches? Wow. He couldn’t catch a cold in Baltimore 🤷‍♂️

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