Aaron Rodgers Previews the NFC Playoffs After Securing a First Round Bye – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Josh M


    Tristan Burton

    Yes, way overdue for another Superbowl 🏈 ring.

    Daniel Keyser


Payton Wayman

Go Aaron Rodgers

cliff luebke

turn his mic on !

Scout 805


Zachary Payne

Aaron Rodger’s I love u bro

Big Baz

Awesome comeback, big Z is a monster on defence, Lazard came up with some big plays and Rogers found his range second half!! 13-3 in this league cant be sniffed at!!


    @Billy Barrett … I’m no math surgeon, but I’m pretty sure it’s 16 & 3.

    I mean 13 & 3🤔😨😁

    Daniel Porchas

    13-3 Yeah Go Packers go!!

    Maurice Davis

    Im pretty sure he seen it the first time someone put it…🤦🏾‍♂️

    Barchi John

    I think A rod was pats , but dang pack pull threw, go pack go

danielle mendill

What a difference a year can do! Go Pack Go 💚🏈 💚

    Scott B

    New coaches, new players, just not a new year.

Michelle Ezeugo

49ers fan here. Well done Aaron. I’m proud of you

    Dalton Collins

    Deshun Dillard smh you ain’t no fan

    Wayne Gouin

    Hi 49ers fan. Thank you. Im a huge Packer fan, but if they lose to SF, no one will beat SF.

    Michelle Ezeugo

    Wayne Gouin FYI. Jimmy G is #1 and San Francisco is my favorite vacation spot and The 49ers haven’t won a single Super Bowl since The Joe Montana era


    @Deshun Dillard hasn’t been the same since last collarbone injury

    Deshun Dillard

    QuestionableIdentity true

David Rodriguez

Love my team with them big cheese on there head Go Pack Go

Romero R

Billy Turner you gotta put that jacket on the market. I’d love to wear one.

Matt Hausner

I see your lips moving, but nothing’s coming out. I’m deaf!
– Billy Madison

    Billy Barrett

    Respect: I give u respect nice quote lol

    Steve Riso

    Classic 😂😂

    Chris Tilley


matthew parker

Not playing well and winning is sign of champions…..


    matthew parker that’s correct! This is a team sport not the NBA!

Dwayne Seidl

It would be nice to hear the questions.

trevor ward

Really annoyed with how quiet these interviews always are. Gotta hold the speaker to my ear to hear it.

The Dude The Scottish Barbarian

Go the packers. Love ftom Scotland happy new year when it comes.

DemonKnight 124

Overthrowing like crazy today… Giving me a heart attack…
But congrats A Rod

    no name

    Was getting pressured alot but he did make some bad throws, he’s probably still getting used to the new scheme

    BJ Gamers

    He makes incredible plays and can be clutch when needed to be

    Isaiah McClendon

    I think they need to practice more it seems he’s been off a lot more later in the year so hopefully it’s just a chemistry thing an they can fix being off

Tango Bango

I’m so glad that Mr. Rodgers ‘woke up’ late in the 3rd Quarter! 🥴

Norm Domer

why with all the technology we have we still can’t have a press interview with terrible audio.Usually u can hear the player and not the question but here u can’t even hear Rodgers!

    Cristhian Alarcon


    Caleb Erosa

    Gotta try watching it on something better than your tracphone. Media on right speaker and rodgers on left speaker.

Da Burr

Weird listening to this with headphones 🤯

Root Note-Evan

“Gonna go have my usual glass”
I’ll drink to that my dude

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