Packers Storm Back & Celebrate Clinching First-Round Bye | Locker Room Speech – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Antonio Gonzalez

If you’re a Packer fan and don’t have high blood pressure, I’m sure you do now!

    Miguel Rivera

    I went to the hospital today, entire emergency room was packer fans

    ambi ven

    That pick by Arod at the last minute or so gave me blood pressure.

    Last Of A Dying Breed


    Yi Wei Zhang

    heart attacks man, way passed the high blood pressure part

Michael Kexel

I almost had a heart attack.

    dennis challenger

    I hear you brother , you would think we’d be use to it by now

joe hrubetz

Love him new energy seems like a whole team

    FM L

    are you a pilot?

    Go Knighthawks Go 2018-2019!


Daniel Dietsche

Take a breath guys… see you in 2 weeks! Go Pack Go!!!

cliff luebke

run or done , do or die , now or never . however you say it , play like that again and the whole thing is for naught . let’s go pack !!! GET FIRED UP !!

Randeep Singh

They really almost made me crash while watching the game

Kiasia Johnson

This is beautiful 💚💛❤️

Hive Collective

The Green Bay Packers culture. 💗 That’s my coach right there!!! So proud of this year’s team! Go Pack

TheLogical Lowdown

We goin all the way!

    •TopKop81 •

    TheLogical Lowdown stop dreaming

    Quiroz Broz

    •TopKop81 • GOPACKGO!!!!

    •TopKop81 •

    No you

Packer Power

I thought we were doomed after the Lions were beating us. But we came back!


    Bro it was a rollercoaster i did not want to be on lol but we got the dub 💚💛💚💛

    Thomas Brennan

    Which time?

Jonathan Anderson Sr


    Jackie Chan Bandz


    kasper rieberg

    Jonathan Anderson Sr
    Or a bitter Bears fan !?


    Why would Jay Cutler dislike this video? He’s one of the greatest players in Packers history

    kasper rieberg

    Really !!??

Tron Rinzler

13-3 6-0 in the division # 2 seed locked in but if niners lose tonight # 1 seed and homefield advantage thru out let’s go seahawks and way to fight Packers


Adams is the goat

ice alik


Chris Liggett the tree fella

💛💚Go PACK Go💛💚

Dj Diddles

Get Jace sternberger more involved in the offense. Tonyan and Graham aren’t doing enough and when they do it’s only a few times.

    DKC Robinsons

    Dj Diddles graham should be cut


    DKC Robinsons preach

Jose Guzman

Alexander smart play on the pass interference win us that game heads up play !!!!

Arrt Tistik

Not bad for his 1st year a s a coach better then having Mike McCarthy

    peter macura

    Don’t mean to sound rude but “not bad” is an understatement if you look at all the rookie head coaches this year and the past few years he is #1 when it comes to leading his team with the most wins/going the furthest in his first season!

    Go Knighthawks Go 2018-2019!

    I believe Matt Lafleur is underrated, but he will totally stun the NFL world by winning a Superbowl. Hopefully

MrFunez Productions

I want the packers to win the super bowl

David Y

Love this team!

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