Matt LaFleur Recaps How the Packers Battled Back in Sunday’s Walk-Off Win in Detroit – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Melissa Cassell

Congratulations guys.

Not Famous

Go Pack!!


Wow what a lovely win today go pack go thank you for about giving me a heart attack

    Erick Rodriguez

    GAMING WITH CJ 2018 every single game is a heart attack with this team!! Still love my team!

    Jasmine Peterson

    Me too😅

onone since81

Matt’s a badass !!!

David Nowicki

La Fleurs comments are meaningless when we can’t hear the questions.

    Beast Slayer

    They do really need to fix the audio in these post game conferences.

Big Baz

Still plenty doubters, we keep finding a way to win.

    james schickowski

    Big Baz They give plenty of reasons for Doubt but find a way to win. What a grind to be a Pack fan this year

    Gerald Stelly

    Wont happen against the Saints or 49ers

    Wisconsin Rail Productions

    Gerald Stelly definitely not the 49ers

    Gerald Stelly

    @Wisconsin Rail Productions 49ers already slaughtered them once.

Scout 805

4 quarter’s from playing for the Halas Trophy.
8 quarter’s from playing for the Lombardi Title!
JUST WIN BABY! Merica’s team since 1919 🇺🇸

    Wayne Gouin

    The only team owned by the people, The Green Bay Packers! Truly AMERICAS TEAM!! GO PACK GO!!

openyoureyesandseethefuture GLM


Zachary Flores

Go Pack Go Keep Up The Hard Work And Congrats On Your Win Today


You guys gotta get your audio game in shape

Mr. Lopez

I’ve never seen Rodgers play like this. A win is a win…but, man they looked off.

    Edster III

    True but he brought them back…..barely. I agree Rodgers looks off. They better figure it out or it’s a one and done playoff run.

    Banquet Meal

    They just aren’t on the same page most of the time. Outside of Lazard and Adams he doesn’t trust them.

    FM L

    @Edster III I agree totally

    ambi ven

    @Edster III Although I agree Rodgers looked off but receivers are not doing him favor either. They don’t finish their routes. There is clearly lack of chemistry between him and receivers.

Donald Sexton

The closed caption is needed for the reporters questions no LaFleur.

Fabian Nino

Winning close games comes in handy in the playoffs. They won’t panic when they are down and need a score.


    They’ll panic plenty when its the saints they are down to….31-3 in he second qrt. And Rodgers is 2-16 for 20 yds.

    Fabian Nino

    @1perfectstrangerr settle down lol

    BJ Gamers

    Lol not in lambeau

Halloween: evil lives YouTube channel

Bye week should benefit preparation

CM Dell


Wallace Wallace

YES!!!! GO PACK GO 💛💚💛💚💛


We need you to play better, Aaron. Same with the run defense. No hot and cold, this is the playoffs. Fast starts. Can’t get down 14-0 to the Saints or San Fran. Spend the next 2 weeks getting on the same page with the young receivers. This may be your last best chance for a ring so get motivated. You can do it.

    Andrew Nordbeck

    Aaron Rodgers is taking notes from this comment and he thanks you sincerely for your thoughtful insight.

    Delusion is an Illusion

    Definitely not his last chance. But I agree on the rest

Wayne Gouin


Blk Pig

Nice work keeping us health, now let’s prepare for the next phase!

Brandon Cook

12 quarters left of football! lets go!

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