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Max Westcott


Clayton de Carvalho

This channel does not stream any match live ?

    Blake A

    The NFL is paid tens of billions of dollars by major TV networks for the rights to live games.

GTR Nation

Let’s goooooo

GTR Nation

Steelers the best

Choo Yoo

This guy can fly to work with those ears ..




    I can’t help to laugh 😭

    Keenan Vanderbos

    for real tho i couldn’t stop staring 😂😂


Winnable game from the colts, just couldn’t close it out smh. JT fumble was costly, Ryan’s interception (Pittman’s fault), and poor clock management at the end

Flex Washington

First of all, its Matt Ryan. This man laid down to avoid all contact instead of just getting the first down, nobody was even pressed to tackle him. Then all he had to do is use ONE of the THREE timeouts they still had to make a real plan at winning lol.

Church Service

You Can Tell That Guy Heard It Through The Grapevine…

Cee Jay

For whatever reason, Saturday went into the game thinking he could go all pass happy with Ryan. If you watched the first half, you saw how that worked out.

Pretty sad that even the announcers noticed that the ground game was working, but Saturday got cute and stuck with his gameplan going into the game, rather than going with the flow and adapting to what was actually working in the game, which was JT keeping them on schedule and moving the chains.

    Jeff WhatAreThose

    He did fine. Having JT get more carriers just increases his chance of injury. The ground game was more effective, but the receivers not catching balls and making plays was the biggest giveaway. Saturday was doing what he thought was best for the team.


Colts are Tanking, it could not be more obvious

    Denazify Ukrain


Dustin Goulding

Matt new it … Jeff new it
They looked at each other and wanted the Steelers to be on there hills….. They failed


They waiting on my brother

V.J Ioanis

Well maybe the assistant coaches are sabotaging Jeff Saturday. Guys ever think about that

    Nero Crawford


Nero Crawford

Colts are horrible,when they gone to get a young qb.Proably will try to get Aron Rodgers next year

Curyl Green

It happen sir


“That drive” they keep talking about is one that consisted of 2 passes and 8 runs. Benny Snell and the Oline were the real winners that drive

Chase Green

Saturday used Matt Canada too often


Pacing. Coach played with Peyton and as a Steelers fan back then, they outpaced teams constantly. Coach Saturday just missed the fact his team isn’t as well tuned.

march of empires

When they went for it on 4 down they still had time left l. Regardless they would have losses the game even if he called a timeout

k s

Listen! Ever since the NFL made deals to facilitate gambling partners, the games have become increasingly sketchy and suspect. Just think about how many times teams have gone for a 2 point conversion instead of a tie score late in the game. Think about how many times head coaches (interim or not) have completely crapped the bed with time-outs and time management calls with the game on the line. Think about how many 60+ yard field goal attempts are being made. Think about how many 4th down conversion attempts (at all kinds of various field locations) are being attempted. I have believed for a long time that the NFL may script some outcomes for storylines, but once the big gambling sites partnered with the NFL, it seems like they’re aren’t even trying to hide the shenanigans.

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