J.J. Watt Singlehandedly Won a Game WITHOUT a Sack! Feat. @Brett Kollmann – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Philip Withers

I’m so happy Brett is collabing with the NFL. He deserves it.


    I selfishly liked him being a secret but glad his platform is growing. Not many can break down a game into XOs for the common fan. Standup guy




Huge thanks to Brett Kollmann for bringing this video to life, check out his channel here! https://www.youtube.com/@BrettKollmann

    Michael Wang

    This collab is awesome, you guys need to pay him a full time salary! He does so much for the NFL football community, best football content on the internet

    Avacado?? Mango? Banana???

    You guys are doing amazing job with working hand in hand w/ smaller creators. MORE OF THIS!!

    insert name

    The nfl using the resources in its community to generate great content is a universal win


    So happy y’all are collabing with him y’all should also check out Alex Rollins and Samuel Gold as well

    Abhay Mathur

    Great collaboration!


Congrats Brett! Finally getting the props you deserve!

Anthony McNeil

We absolutely wasted Watt’s career. Dude was an insane beast.

    Jayden Doucette

    as a Lions fan, don’t worry, we are better at wasting legendary careers 🎉🤦‍♂️

    Brendon Buffaloe

    Dude was the greatest to ever play. Even Aaron Donald hasn’t had a season as good as Watt. We kept asking him to play through injuries and cut his prime short in addition to wasting it


    @Brendon Buffaloe Aaron Donald also didn’t primarily line up as an Edge Rusher as much as the Texans asked Watt to do

    John Glink

    Hopefully the Steelers wont do the same for TJ…


    @Grizzly I agree that Watt is better, but edge rusher is a lot easier then playing on the interior…

Phillip Simango

Brett deserves this big time man 🙏🏾 fair play man!!


Im glad the NFL acknowledges the great work people like Brett Kollmann are doing.


Congrats brett! You def deserve this partnership and shoutout to the NFL media team for recognizing hardwork and talent and hiring this man

    Cole DeRuse


Brett Kollmann

While I’m here, who is the next “older” player that people want me to look at for another classic film breakdown?

Bob Sanders? Patrick Willis? I’m open to suggestions!


    Brett, you deserve this collaboration. as a long time fans I really happy for you.
    I live in Indonesia, Where NFL is not mainstream, and your vid is my early entry to my Football nerd path.

    Josh Berger

    definitely Bob Sanders

    Tim McBride

    Huge props Brett! Early subscriber here so glad you’re getting this recognition


    Anything Ray Lewis!

    nova f



I remember that game. He made the case for an Defensive player to be MVP in a single game.

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Dude!!! Brett Kollmann is working with the NFL now? That is awesome! Congrats man! Great video, too!

Jake Wolf

Would love to see a classic film breakdown of Nnamdi Asomugha. His prime was before my time but hearing the way people talk about his best years in Oakland gives him some sort of legendary shroud. You breaking down the Xs and Os of how and why he was so dominant would be awesome to see, especially on the NFL official YouTube page (!!!).

Stuart Coupe

Being from the UK I don’t know all this stuff. But 6:51 I’ve been able to see this less obvious role and team effort, where everyone’s efforts matter and the guys who keep pressing are those that matter – they stand out IMO. I never knew QB pressure was a stat; it’s a good one.


    Pressures are one of the best stats to evaluate pass rushers. Better than Sacks


Brett worked for NFL Network for 5 years as a production intern then production assistant for those that don’t know. Now he’s got his own platform and the NFL is asking him to make content for them. Gotta love the growth. 💪🏻😎

The Dolt

I’ve been watching football all my life, but until I found this channel I did not understand just how complicated it really can be! Outstanding channel!

Ryan Stone

big brands giving actual good creators love on main stage im speechless congrats brett and hope to see more from you and others. and actual football not bs bozos talking out their bum for clicks

Ross Hunnicutt

Glad to see this deep level analysis on the NFL page, Brett is an All Pro analyst

Rampake -

Great vid Brett! Hope to see more stuff from you in the Nfl channel. 🤘

Michael Epp

Brett is one of the best football content creators on this platform, would love to see him back for more videos


So nice to see Brett get his dues. Well done NFL!


This makes me SO happy seeing Brett here, you’re awesome dude!!

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