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It’s crazy how the rams are 30th

    Seth B

    They bought a Super Bowl for the cost of their next 3-5 years as a team

    Brew Drees

    @Seth B not a bad trade tbh

    Supreme Editz

    One year wonder 🥱

    Chillz Productions

    kc whooped them and plus they are 3-8 but it is crazy how the super bowl champs are 3-8


    ​@Seth B same thing happened to my broncos. It’s just been 7 years at this point 🤣🤣🤣


Hilarious they had the broncos ranked 5th at the beginning of the season lmao


    And cowboys as top last now look at us at TOP 5


    no one had them bottom 5 either


    Seahawks 🔥

M Easy

How come it’s not news how far the Superbowl champs have fallen?…It’s like oh well… Crazy that no one cares. No criticism for Stafford? Hmm must be nice

So Hefty

Alright let’s turn this car around! Bears let’s go for that #2 spot! 🐻 all the way down to 31

Blake Flowers

It’s crazy how Washington is 13


    They aren’t a top 10 team as yet

Austin Patten

Crazy that the Reigining champs are 30 😳

They really didn’t live up to the hype this year

    Supreme Editz

    One year wonder 🥱

    John igliano

    @Supreme Editz bro what they’ve been good for the past like 5 years

    Supreme Editz

    @John igliano cap


    @John igliano huh? Not in our division 😂

Dylan Peterson

I never thought I’d see the day were the browns are in top 20 💪

    Seymour Whitetail

    a $10 bet for the Browns to win the AFC gets you $810

Douglas Henry

Washington has been steadily moving up the rankings all season. The two back-to-backs they have against the Giants starting next week are going to be HUGE.

    Serena Buffum

    Let’s go commanders 🎉


    Lets Go Giants

Wandale Pringleton

Who would’ve thought the team with the most hype after having the craziest offseason acquisition arguably OAT is 31/32 and the reigning SB champions are 30/32 all ranking lower than the Jags,Lions,Jets,Giants and Falcons

Team Beastmode

Yeah fricking right the Vikings are only 7th.

NFL was just desperately eating for them to lose so they could drop them so far down and then not bring them back up.

Team Beastmode

Bro the NFL dropped the vikes so far instantly but then gonna wait and slowly let them come back up.

NFL praying on they downfall

Kysaan Hall

Ok we moved down by beating the giants yeah makes sense


Vikings ranked so low yet only have 2 losses yet beat teams above them….

A loss is a loss, but a win is still a win, no matter by how little or how great


Funny how i keep hearing about the “bum” titans tho… Theyre still in this!


이 괴물들이 축구해버리면 월드컵 씹어먹을듯


Skins should not be ranked higher than the giants. The giants have a better record with 12 starters out. After trading their #2 WR.

Dakota J.

back to 10. 💚✈️


How are the 49ers 3rd

Quan Juggiano


Kevin Sargent

Bucs are definitely better than the Raiders and Commanders

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