2020 Begins & Rebuilding The Front Office | Cleveland Browns Daily 1/2 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

2020 Begins & Rebuilding The Front Office | Cleveland Browns Daily 1/2

CBD is back to kick off 2020 with Beau and Nathan! Joe Thomas joins the guys to talk about the coaching and front office search (25:37) and we carry all of Owner Jimmy Haslam's press conference with the media (46:49).

Cleveland Browns Daily is hosted by Browns senior media broadcaster Nathan Zegura and Emmy award-winner Beau Bishop. It offers comprehensive coverage and analysis of the team both on and off the field, broadcast directly from the Browns’ facilities. The live stream is presented by Buffalo Wild Wings.

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Jake Neece

Z could run this team better than the Haslem’s

Big Mike MetalHead

I want Eliot Wolf as GM And McCarthy as Head Coach. I like Urban Meyer as well, maybe have him as offensive coordinator? depends on if he wants to coach again. Saleh as Defensive Coordinator. Pete Carmichael as Offensive Coordinator. And as Quarterback Coaches, try get Greg Knapp QB Coach from Atlanta, James Urban from Baltimore, Randy Fichtner from Pittsburgh, Jon Kitna from Dallas, Press Taylor from Philly, some ideas for QB Coaches to guide Baker.

Morgan Yu

“If you don’t wear brown and orange you don’t matter…”

And if you do wear brown and orange we can just, y’know, sack and replace you so, really, wear whatever suits you. 😁

Timothy Brown

We need a veteran coach for once


Josh McDaniel’s has been a successful coordinator under the umbrella of head coach Bill Belichik.
Being a head coach requires certain qualities that most coordinators don’t have, or aren’t interested in developing, that is why they are coordinators for years on end.
McDaniel’s is not a leader of men, he cannot manage the egos of other coaches and players, he cannot hold men accountable.
Please Mr. Haslam do not hire the coordinator. Mike McCarthy is who we need, he is battle-tested and ready to get back in the game.


    I agree with most of what you say but when you have a winning tenure there is very little adversity to deal with . it’s a gimme job not much thats gonna change and thats Bill running the show ?


I haven’t heard Mr. Haslam speak in a while, and I have to say, he is being very honest and straightforward about how things have gone in the past. He also sounds very clear about their plans for the future. To me it sounds like there has been a lot of growth in management, and that they still have a sincere wish to bring a winner to Cleveland.

Don’t give up on the Haslam’s yet Cleveland fans. When they finally get the ship turned around, and going in the right direction, the teams success will be sweeter than we ever imagined.
Go Browns!

HOstiLe TEntacLE MoNster

< i have no problem replacing people quickly if they clearly arent getting it done (shoulda happened with Hue alot sooner)..my issue is why are the hell are we misfiring so badly by HIRING those people who 'arent getting it done' in the first place.

Darryl Pellas

The Browns don’t have to rush this process. This is where you have to get it right for your whole organization to progress.

Darryl Pellas

I see a question marks with Urban Meyer. We can’t do that. We have to check off all the boxes to have any attempt at getting it right. Even with everything seeming perfect it could end up a complete disaster. I can’t blame all on the owners on every reason for failure. They have tried several different ways to do the right thing. They are committed to the Browns and really want to get a team (coaches, management, GM) together that functions well enough to progress in the right direction. They seem willing to let the Browns fail at first if they are still headed in the right direction as an organization. They want to get the right people and leave it all alone and stay out of the way. I like that.



    Darryl Pellas

    @brownsFan62 Sorry!

Nate McLean

There is only one college football coach that did well in the nfl., so I really dont think it’s a good idea

Phil Golly G.

I feel like I’ve watched this show before. So tired!

Patrick J

The safest/most solid combo is McCarthy & Wolf… But I think it’s going to be Josh & his guys.

Redamancy 1

The Haslam’s simply need to sell the team. They struggle to run a Flying J, let alone a NFL franchise.


Pete Carroll has been able to do it with a shorter QB I think urban could pull it off and have players respect


Sell the team!

Yusef Uno

With Wolfe already in the building, do you think he would be elevated to GM duties? Wolfe has a long relationship with Mike McCarthy and he could make the GM search pretty seamless. Mike McCarthy can groom Wolfe into the GM he needs. Wolfe is already in the building. Does that make sense? The Browns got the solders, all they need is the general. GO BROWNS! ijs

john clevidence

I have no doubt that Urban would have more than enough football knowledge. But a college coach is an unquestioned god on the field with his players. College players rarely give the coach crap. I’m not sure if urban is built for the NFL where not only fans will double guess him but the players can and often do normally in private, not sure how he will react to that.

Shoot To Thrill

Just say no to experiments how hard is it to pick someone who has done it, can do it…. only one way to screw this hire up and that would be passing on MM.

    Trent S

    Shoot To Thrill: MM did it with Aaron Rodgers… sort of. nuance is a thing, friend!

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