Haslam Begins Search for Head Coach & General Manager | 2 Minute Drill – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Haslam Begins Search for Head Coach & General Manager | 2 Minute Drill

Nathan Zegura breaks down owner Jimmy Haslam's press conference as well as the Browns interviewing former Packers coach Mike McCarthy for their head coaching vacancy.

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🦀 freddie is gone 🦀


Browns should hire Mike McCarthy! We have not had an experienced coach here, especially one that is a SUPER BOWL winning coach that is 128-73. If Haslam wants an “NFL experienced coach” there’s not a better option than McCarthy. Also they should promote Elliot wolfe to GM. I think those 2 would be a great combination.

Blaine Stevenson

who is the more unpopular with Browns fans. Jimmy the snake Haslem, or Big Ben.

John McAfee

This is a lousy owner. He has no idea what he is talking about? Go back and look at his news conference. He speaks same tone.

Henry D123

Time to “free zoltar”. Let him coach the team. At this point, I’d take Ronald McDonald 😯😯😯

Alex Vousden

I’m glad all the hype is gone and hope it stays gone. Ownership made an unpopular but the right decision. Doesn’t mean who they bring in will be better though. Depodesta’s continuity gives me hope.

jerry mitchell



Once again ashamed to be a Browns fan yet this time it has nothing to do with how the players played or the coaches coached.


Jesus Christ, please make this hillbilly sell the team. 🙏

    Birdman 904

    that is a Damn Rich hillblilly. I don’t think he will ever let a real good coach take the reins and make a winner, he has the jerry jones disease called the “poking your nose into something you little about”

Birdman 904

If Haslam’s want a winner, he needs to hire McCarthy and get out of the way, Haslam’s football IQ is just high enough to screw things up.


Whats the point of this video. You posted the interview on this very channel. We all watched it and understood what he said.

    Dawg Pound216


Joe bob

I don’t care who they hire anymore. Numb to it all. Been down this road way too many times.

Mike Muffler

Browns ~ Finding Ways To Fail Since 1999

Good thing we have the Cleveland Browns Daily Show..
Nathan & Beau watching their phones as you watch them on yours.

#Browns #Dawgpound #Dawgcheck
Hashtag Dawgsh*t


I’m a Packers fan but how did Mike McCarthy do his last three years. He never had a good defense.

ivory miller

If you want to be INSTANT super bowl contenders,GET JIMMY JOHNSON ASAP!!!!!


so he doesn’y want someone like Bill Belichick because Bill is certainly my way or the highway.


Hire ME. 38y old swiss guy,chef. Watched about 1000 football games. I read humans like a book if im around them for like 30min. You need me.hook me up.

Benn Daniel Vai

Ok, Greg Roman should not be coach imo. If you look at the revolution of the Ravens game, it came last year when John Harbaugh made plays that suited LJ8. Greg was just an assistant and tight ends coach. Now they’re really firing. Only good thing would be taking Roman from Ravens.
McCarthy or Bruce Arians should’ve been the first people looked at if Browns were to have a year of rebuild. Experienced coaches. Didn’t sugar coat things. They would drop you even if you’re OBJ or whoever superstar. We needed that. So was a waste of a year really. Dorsey error came in the coaching dilemma.
McDaniels. Hmm. I don’t know. If he can bring a GM from Patriots, would be great. But…his Broncos record wasn’t that good. 🤷🏾‍♂️
Please go for Salah or Schwartz. We need a great defense. That’s what will keep us in the game in the North. A defensive minded coach. Our offense will come together but I’m sick of seeing our defense giving up easy TDS. I’d love Schwartz. He knows how to rotate his players and get the best out of them. Even at their old age. From there, the OC we pickup can just focus on the offense and pick plays while the coach runs the defense and the manage the clock.

Just another Browns supporter thinking what if. And I’m not even American 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣 🇦🇺


Jimmy, Analytics is a tool used in sports to AID in development, find areas of improvement, and help with the overall building of a team. It cannot replace Toughness, guts, it cannot play injured, it doesnt have heart. It doesnt lead on and off the field. When you get a football guy like a Dorsey, let him do his job. He woke us up, and gave us hope. Not by saying he wants to win, by showing us he wants to win. We all wanted Freddie to succeed. We move on. The players respect a GM that has played the game. Because they know he knows, what you Jimmy will never know. The teams that succeed, still play football, like its a game. John Bridged the gap between business, and game. Because Jimmy. There a part in North Dallas forty. The Great John Matuzak yells at a coach. After a tuff loss. He say? fuk those tendencies. (analytics) when its the forth quarter were dog tired we dig deep, we need more than tendencies. And yes we are Pros. But when we call it a business, then you call it a game. When we call it a game, you call it a business. The scene is titled its a SPORT, NOT A BUSINESS. Watch it Jimmy watch it twice so you know. Analytics doesnt bridge that gap. A GM like Dorsey does. So you owe us, every Browns fan, in their own way you owe us. Me? I wont watcha game until we make the playoffs or you sell team. or buy Merchandise. All you have shown the team is? Your not committed. So why would they be? Dorsey wasnt God, but he wanted to win. You want excuses and a revenue check. So you owe me. I love the Browns. But I dont love you. I want to. I did last year. But you gotta earn my love Jimmy. Show me you want to win, and get A Football guy in there. Why the Ravens so good? Ozzie Newsome was a football guy. Think about it. And he taught the children well. HERE TELL PAUL WATCH IT TO. NORTH DALLAS FORTY , ITS A SPORT, NOT A BUSINESS. ……….. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6mpHW3SMcC

Chad Tucker

Dorsey is a great roster builder. He did his part. It was time to move on from him. Every team he has been the GM found real success after he was gone.

Nobody liked it when we got rid of Sashi. Whom created all the picks and cap space. And when we got John and he picked up all of those great players. Y’all reached for the sky. But then came his coaching choice. And of course everybody got behind Freddy. Just to want him out by week 10.

Don’t you see the process? They are utilizing each person’s attributes. And once it’s run it’s course they are no longer needed. We are close brownies.

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