Jimmy Haslam discusses plan for head coach, general manager searches – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Jimmy Haslam discusses plan for head coach, general manager searches

Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam addressed the media on January 2, 2020. Jimmy discusses the process for hiring a new head coach and general manager, Paul DePodesta's increased role in that search process and his commitment to bettering the Cleveland Browns.

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….and so we decided to pick our HC without a single Football guy in the process….The Browns head coach search committee is:

– A truck stop owner
– His wife
– His son-in-law
– A baseball GM
– A NFL management labor lawyer

    David Minor

    @DCUPtoejuice what makes you think we likely would have made the playoffs with Myles? We were 4-6 at the time.


    @David Minor We were on a winning streak, we would have beaten the Steelers at Hines, it would have snowballed. Our defense was a disaster without him AND OV.

    David Minor

    @DCUPtoejuice You’re completely ignoring the fact our team gave up on Freddie. As soon as Jimmy said “barring a total collapse”, we proceed to lose out. You said yourself it’s all speculation. Frankly, regardless of his baseball background, DePo has been right so far, so I’m more inclined to listen to him now than speculating fans.


    @David Minor You are right, they definitely threw the towel on Freddie, that was the last 3 games, but they would not have done that if they were heading to the playoffs.


Please sell the franchise… You are terrible owners…Please let the Browns go.

    The Notorious B.G.E

    Couldn’t have said it better myself!


    His father should have cleaned house at The Flying J so Jimmy didn’t have the resources to buy the Browns in the first place.

    Danny Mantooth

    This guy ?????????

    James Brooks

    Yeah! ok he sales sells team,the team leaves again. Browns fans without a team again. Careful what you ask for.


    @James Brooks That would be less painful and definitely preferable.


jimmy suuuuuuucks sell sell sell


    U mad?

Luke Kempke

Let me guess, McDaniels at HC, another attempt at the Patriots way that with blow up in our faces, a yes man at GM, trade and refues to resign all of our good players and a 4-12 season. Or something along those lines. That seems like a Harslam thing to do

    Michael Peck

    I hope they don’t do that. They did already say that a candidate has to have experience


    @Michael Peck He said nfl experience, not HC experience.

    Luke Kempke

    McDaniels was a headcoach for the Broncos one upon a time. Not to mention haslam has been wanting McDaniels for years.

    Cool Breeze



    Yeah. Go ahead and hire McDaniels and then everyone can hold their breath and cross their fingers the s.o.b. doesn’t bolt back to the Pats before the season even ends. I wouldn’t trust him as far as Haslam could throw him.

running beard

We’re all getting old while this guy pretends to know how to run a football team…

    Phil Golly G.

    I would love to see the Browns in the SB once before I’m pushing up daises. Thing is, there aren’t many years left and I fear that I’ll never see this happen with the current owners.

Sumukh Torgalkar

Browns fans don’t need to watch this because we’ve heard the same thing every year since 2012. “Patience and continuity are great” (yet he doesn’t do it). “We’re learning” (yet we do this every year). Just no organizational logic and accountability at all. They are obviously infatuated by McDaniels. I look forward to them swinging and missing on him and ending up with some coordinator we never heard of that they’ll fire next year. We deserve better.


Doomed this team.

Chad Frasier

They’ve been hoping to get “it” right since he bought the team. I understand the learning curve, but they keep making the same mistakes as the players.


    That’s because he’s a huge part of the problem.

liltee dakardiackid

He sounds so stupid smh need to just stick to fuel and scamming lol 🤷🏾‍♂️

Redamancy 1

What I heard…”blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah……”. SELL THE TEAM JIMMY!!!!!!

At 9:40 did he really say “we’ll be checking references”??? What!?!? We’re not hiring a morning shift fry cook at McDonalds for fa#$ sake…..you better know everything about whoever you look at before it starts.

Robert Herbert

we need the saint’s offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael Jr. 11 years with a winner in Dree Brees.


    I need a shot after this presser.

    Spastik PS4

    The Saint’s OC is a figurehead…Sean Payton designs the scheme and calls the plays. Why would you want an OC that has little to do with running an offense?

    Cool Breeze


    Spastik PS4

    Cool Breeze I’m not arguing with that.

Dave Johnson

Big dummy, u have the best option in your building right now and that’s McCarthy and you’re going to let him leave without a contract, hes a no brainer

Joy Rider

He don’t know how to run a football team, all he does is fire and hire every other year.

stephen davis

Expect more of this nonsense as long as this man owns this team. Period.

Frenetic-Gaming _PS

This guy sounds so unsure of himself… besides he’s “determined” to get it right

    Jay Rush

    Hes a broken record man …. how many times has he said ” we just didnt feel like we had the right guys in place moving forward”

Common Sense

Far too many of these exact same pressers. Hire some good people and let them do their jobs. Stop blowing it up every 2 years. 🥴

Mike Burkholder

I hope someone has the balls to ask him if he’d consider selling the team

Jonathan Norris

😂😂😂This dude’s an imbecile! The BROWNS aren’t ever gonna be good as long as he’s at the helm doing his best Jerry Jones impression. Smh

Brian W

Freddie was a big mistake, should have kept his old job, and John was a great pick.. you have no idea how to own a team!!


“We are determined to get it right this time”
How many times do us fans have to hear this broken record? Please sell The Browns Jimmy.


    FAMOUS WORDS SINCE 2012: “We are more determined than ever to get this right” 

    Omg jimmy sell this team !

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