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2019 Week 17: Seahawks vs 49ers Recap

Go inside the Seahawks locker room to hear players and coaches talk about the team's 21-26 loss against the San Francisco 49ers in Week 17 at CenturyLink Field.

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Albert Duncan

Please get Marshawn another ring. He deserves it

    Aden Pawlowicz

    I’m Seattle fan but beast mod is a god do not get mad at me


    @Aden Pawlowicz shut up.

William Ross

Seahawks suck! Poor play calling and poor coaching down the stretch. Another let down for the 12s. Too bad the Hawks won’t make it past wild card.

    Werdna Swag

    William Ross saying “won’t make it past wild card” implies you think we will lose to the Eagles who haven’t been great this year, although I will say I dont want the hawks to underestimate a team again like last week. And i could say “they shouldve…” but the entire NFL is made up of coulda woulda shoulda situations wether its refs on bad calls or coaches on bad calls, niners played good hawks played good except for defense especially in the first half and hopefully some players will recover and be more of a threat to the other teams in playoffs. Also as a seahawks fan and being part of the 12s i will not say the team let me down.

    A Fucking Bird

    Please leave, we looked bad up until the second half. Our problem is consistency,and when we fix that we can make a huge run. Have faith or leave bandwagon! GoHawks!💚💙

    Elana Mccullum


    A Fucking Bird

    @Elana Mccullum Who’s being delusional?

    Fred Jr

    @A Fucking Bird your being delusional. You and your liberal values

jesson cerenio

3rd times a charm right? #GoHawks 💚💙

Alex Burdge

Hey does anyone remember Russell’s rookie year against the redskins where Russell gave marshawn Lynch a block for a td

    A Fucking Bird

    We all remember

Daddy D

Gotta love how y’all seacock fans thought y’all were going to win, haha losers c y’all again in the divisional round, looking forward to knocking y’all out of the playoffs. Hope it scars you losers for years to come. The NFC and NFC WEST IS OURS!!! #1 baby

    A Fucking Bird

    @Fred Jr We were driving up the field!

    A Fucking Bird

    @Fred Jr That’s what I meant, clearly you stopped us at the inch line.

    Dan H

    Manning face is that the dude who lost the Superbowl to the Seahawks thanks 4 that 1🤣😂😎

    Zander Pfost

    Bruh ur not gonna win the super bowl for awhile

    Op C

    haha good luck in the playoffs y’all inexperienced af gonna choke in the playoffs

Stan Lee

can’t wait for the bye next week! then we faced the niners again!

Anwar Albaadani

This is our year Seahawks fans 49ers baby. Good luck next year😂😂😂

    Monitors of Decorum & Decency

    @Fred Jr <------- Obviously, this particular Niner fan, does not have any class...taking a minute to feel pity for a d-bag that needs to troll a regular season win as if it were the Super Bowl. Nevermind that ya'll needed the aid of the refs, to prevent the Seahawks from winning it... Enjoy this while it lasts, my dear sweet naive, sprat...

    A Fucking Bird

    @Fred Jr I cant understand his sentence

    A Fucking Bird

    @Monitors of Decorum & DecencyTheir victory wont last long.

    Fred Jr

    @A Fucking Bird it usually doesnt. They say 24 hours to enjoy it then on to the next one. Ha! Good luck in Philly.

    Christopher Hernandez

    It’s alright 12’s!!! Remember we still have a lot of life and Seattle is great on the road. Keep your heads up!

Joe wellman


Nithilan E.

“we are onto Philadelphia”

A Fucking Bird

Our only flaw was consistency, and the defense of course.😂

A Fucking Bird

We shot ourselves in the foot at the worst time possible.The 49ers couldn’t stop us at the end. We need our offense to click like that all the time.

    Fred Jr

    49ers stopped you at the end. Next.


    Fred Jr More like refs (but I prefer to say, the Seahawks did themselves with delay of game)

    Fred Jr

    @GamingMorron quit blaming refs buddy. Dre Greenlaw stuffed Hollister at the inch line bud. Cmon. Quit blaming people. Blame your team for not coming out in the first half and handling business. Why leave the game in the hands of the ref?


    Fred Jr What did I just say above? I think the refs made a better play than greenlaw yes, but none of that would have happened with the penalty (delay of game). What are you reading? And bro, I’m not your buddy.

    Fred Jr

    #GamingMORON – we are buds. Love you

Brandon Maruszczak

Let’s go beat Philadelphia eagles and let’s go hawks

James W

Always believing is great and all…blah blah…how about just not sucking for half the game?


The discovery of Homer and Urshua is huge upside for the hawks.
Travis Homer can be compared to Christian McCaffery. This guy is not a power back like Marshawn or Chris but can do many other things.
John Urshua can be compared to Amendola or Edelman. This guy can do a lot of things but hawks has not given him enough chances.
With these guys flying around, hawks can outscore the Eagles.

Melissa Gracely

If Russ would have waited half a second he would have had Dk on the slant route in the end zone
We are better of playing the Eagles anyway instead of the Vikings

San Francisco Niners Empire

I told y’all we were going to come there and deal with you seahags. Your team is too Russell Wilson dependent. If we had Kittle the first time and many other injured players we would have swept you bums. Marshawn looked fat, old, and slow LOL. Look up at your empire! #NinersEmpire #Faithful

    Christopher Hernandez

    San Francisco Niners Empire oh boy 🤦🏻‍♂️

    San Francisco Niners Empire

    @Christopher Hernandez you said “all us 12’s do” etc etc, what is 12’s?

    vJgi i

    San Francisco Niners Empire the 12s the loudest and best fans in the league

    Christopher Hernandez

    vJgi i yup that’s for sure!!!

    San Francisco Niners Empire

    @vJgi i ohhhhh, ok 2 things about that. The loudest fan base in the league due to the design of the stadium, New Orleans 2nd loudest and we won at both stadiums my first point. Second, why were the seahags not considered the “12’s” in the 80’s and 90’s, why did all of a sudden Seattle steal “the 12’th man” from tex a&m? Y’all are lame, not as lame as the cowtards, but you’re lame

Jordan Salinas

Man come on hawks. Run the damn ball next time please!!!! Give it beastmode. Or Homer and how come y’all didn’t let turbin in man wassup with turbo come on y’all.

Terry Martinson

Another game decided by incompetent officiating in what can only be described as a “game altering” call (in this case a non call). The Niners owned the Hawks for the first half, but like every game for them this season they couldn’t keep tempo and seal the deal. Seattle turned on and came back hard WINING THIS GAME. No disputing that. The non call skewed the outcome and until the NFL does something we will be stuck watching undeserving teams win games. I am sure its tough enough playing the opponent but to play against the officiating always ends in a loss.

Christopher Hernandez

I have a good feeling that Seattle will do well on the road because they are 7-1 on the road this season. Don’t give up on us just yet, go hawks!!!

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