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Jordan White

Shelby Harris is a BEAST man

    Zwagger 19

    And Bolles sucks

    Michael Crabtree

    I totally agree!!!

    Bruce Parkes

    Miller was great too.

    Bruce Parkes

    @Zwagger 19 Bolles is a dumb buffoon. Must have the nfl record for most penalties… surely?

JR0752 Gamer

Shelby Harris is a difference maker!

    Bruce Parkes

    Dont forget thst Miller save us too.

Logan Parker

@broncos 2020 please show us something more please

    Cleveland Corker

    Getting better go broncos

Sig P365

I think Drew has done a great job since has has been at the helm .


Pay Simmons, pay Shelby.

    Future Echo

    I’d like Wolfe to get paid too, but it probably won’t be with Denver?

    BiG GHost

    @Future Echo he’s too injury prone at this point, man had a nice career let’s let him go

    Future Echo

    @BiG GHost yeah sad but true. I don’t see him taking another team discount.
    He’s definitely been a brilliant Bronco.๐Ÿ‘

Aaron Gonzalez

We better resign Shelby Harris

Timothy Sisneros

Does Phil look a little like an adult Doug Funny or is it just me lol


Shelby Harris is a must resign!!


Pay Shelby Harris that ๐Ÿ’ต๐Ÿ’ต๐Ÿ’ต


Need to address OLine, LB, and secondary to name a few.

    Bruce Parkes

    Bolles needs a kick in the butt.


    I think the OL and secondary are more urgent than LB. Of course it would be nice to get a top tier guy instead of Davis but Todd Davis is certainly serviceable.

    Steven Daniels

    In that order Offensive Line Linebackers secondary

Jude Wanki

1:25 *first undrafted player ever

    BiG GHost

    Yeah I was like, pretty sure the first person to do that was in like the 50s

Donae Weston Piper Jr

Steve Atwater #27!!!!!! One of my fav Broncos!!!!!!

Wallace Velie

No reason for the game to have been so close, OC did everything he could to lose that game. Sad, because he can be very creative at times, but then shuts down. He seems to have difficulty allowing his offense to go full throttle for the entire game.

    The Discussion

    He was calling run plays just as Lock was starting to heat up. Infuriated me. We shouldโ€™ve scored at least 24 points.

    Bruce Parkes

    Stupid field goal choice too far out..punting would have been better.

kenneth slaughenhaupt

Garrett Bowles needs to git on down the road

Benji Crowhurst

It would be foolish of Elway to not pay Shelby Harris. And Justin Simmons for that matter

Art Marquez

I love seeing Steve Atwater doing this review. Your the man Steve. Much Love.

Art Marquez

Shelby Harris earned getting a new contract here at home 8 in a season is the best in the legue. Except we have to change his name to the, “Salton of Swat”.

Jose Hernandez

I was there good game!!

Future Echo

Tennessee in the playoffs?
That makes us the best team not to be playing in the postseason.
What was it 24 -0 ?

    Sol Asar El

    Yup…it wuz

    Andrew Long

    Future Echo 16-0*

Domo De La Rosa

Dudes reaction in the back after he says Harris has the best hands on the team ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ 6:51

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