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Seahawks React To Final Play vs 49ers | Locker Room Sound

The game came down to the very last minute — go inside the Seahawks locker room to see what the players and coaches had to say about the final play of Seattle's 21-26 loss to the San Francisco 49ers during week 17 at CenturyLink Field.

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Lydia Thorns


LiL Havo the Kid


Joe Schmo

He was short, but what in the hell was that BS after Russ clocked it?

    Roberto Loya

    Ryan Staiger because it did??!??

    Ryan Staiger

    Roberto Loya really? Man, they really just screwed that up☠️

    Roberto Loya

    Ryan Staiger bro take that L and eat it. Better get ready for Philly

    Joe Schmo

    @Ryan Staiger
    It did, but they started the play clock before the placed the ball. Either way we fucked up. After that penalty, should they have reviewed that possible PI, hell yes. But we did it to ourselves.

    Joe Schmo

    @Roberto Loya
    Just alittle aggressive for someone that didn’t play in the game?? Wow. Normal humans have a civil conversation?? These were simple questions, didn’t need a neanderthal to bark at us. Do better next time.👌🏽👎🏽

Derek Hittle

So close!!! lookin forward 2 th eagles!!!


    Derek Hittle looking forward to the Seahawks

Sam Viveros

That missed PI and that clock running out is what screwed us up.

    Korie Creson

    @DedSec 117 Yep, NFL has a narrative at the beginning of the season

    Korie Creson

    @Roberto Loya it wasn’t pi it was a hold, & dude on tv the retired ref stated it shouldve been a booth review. I was at the game it was hella obvious.

    Korie Creson

    @Roberto Loya helping ? Yeah right. Russ got hit 2 time sliding to the ground & if that was Aaron Rodgers you know that yellow flags would be flying

    Josh Hutchins

    There were missed calls on both sides, niners were getting held a lot on those Wilson scrambles

    Korie Creson

    @Josh Hutchins offensive lineman hold every single down, every single game, watch a game once

Dillen keka

John Ursua made a touchdown not a first down his body and the ball are over the goal line play the video in slow motion and you can clearly see it’s a touchdown

    Scott Broyles

    Get your eyes checked. If you wanna see a ball clearly past the goal line go watch Bourn’s 2 pt conversion catch as a reference.

    Fred Jr

    Hahahahahaha wtf. Must have a lazy eye. Or even possibly crossed eyes.


    Cry some more

    Mark Brown

    Nico Im going to take the L and stuff it in your RICE A RONI hole 😜

David Zakaryan



I have a strong feeling that if we don’t make it to superbowl, the team is going to lose trust in pete and regress like the SB loss a few years back. Because pete has that reputation of 1yd line which is now heightened by the way we lost this game. I cant believe they werent prepared in a championship game. Pete, shotty, ken chokes in pressure situations. Its proven. If we are ever trying to be a championship team. We need better coaches.

    John Calhoun

    Pete plays conservative football and it’s annoying. As soon as they get a lead, they start to kill the clock. Teams like the ravens show no mercy and keep scoring until the game is over.

Kami Nami

Even if we lost. We played with our souls out I was impressed tonight, Stay humble and onto the next one

    Ryan Staiger

    Kami Nami we always lose by multiple TDs this year, I think it’s motivating to see that we can lose “the ideal way” rather than being blown out like usual. I think Seattle could go farther in the playoffs than people think. We’re kind of that odd team that people are quite sure what to think of us. These last 5 weeks have been really rough, but now that we have a legitimate running game and appear to be getting a second breath of energy, I think Seattle could use this loss to push them through the playoffs and show the whole league that we have the most grit and don’t care about how the odds that are against us. The defense needs to step up, we can’t have nights like this again

    Kami Nami

    @Ryan Staiger we’re probably the strangest team in the league, we will lose to nearly any team regardless of their record, i think we can get further into the playoffs as well but we make it at least to the nfc championship than we should consider our selves the luckiest team of the decade

    Ryan Staiger

    Kami Nami definitely. I see a lot of potential in the team, but also like there’s a few pieces missing some days

    Shivraj Singh

    The only gentleman in the house to accept a loss. Well played game brother. Much respect to you guys. Hope to see you guys again in the playoffs GG

    Kami Nami

    @Shivraj Singh well played to you as well brother, hope to see us play again soon but I’m happy the rivalry is back as it was, couldn’t ask for more, West coast best coast 💪🏼

John Calhoun

As much as this loss hurt, it’s for the best. We werent getting a bye no matter what and Vikings next week at home would carve our defense the way they were playing today. Eagles on the road is a much better match. #gohawks

Thy Booma

Wtf??? Delay of game on 4th and 6inches??? Again, couldn’t get the ball to Lynch fast enough. Wow

    AaG Grev

    Thy Booma delay of game was on 2&1

    Korie Creson

    No delay of game on 4th and 6

ee mobile

So close but you fluffed punk eagles on the road we get the bye


    @rock man Full strength? So Dee ford starting DE Kwon Alexander starting MLB and Tartt starting Safety all out but yes the niners were at full strength? Thats not counting starting Center and starting right gaurd that was hurt but yeah what ever makes u feel good 🤣🤣🤣

    rock man

    @Ron Fili then why did the 49ers lose at home? Not making much sense buddy? Were out 3 running backs, Center, Lt, Safety, te. Its K bud, your still salty over us slapping you out of the SB in 2013. You didnt make it then… wont now, nothing’s changed. Have fun watching your team choke in the playoffs 🤣

    Elessar Telcontar

    @rock man your doing some extreme mental gymnastics there dude.

    Ron Fili

    @rock man Your ignorance is next level. Niners where out 2 oline tackles, Kittle, Sanders, Juice and managed to bring it to OT and loose by a FG. Not even gonna talk about this game and how many key players on D are missing for the Niners. The salty one is the guy that Thinks after a bye week with rest the Niners will loose to Seattle just like that. Stay salty bud!

    Elessar Telcontar

    @Ron Fili Bang Bang Niner Gang!

Marc Amico

So close,yet so far away. 3/4 of Seattle’s losses were by double digits. 9/11 wins were decided by 6 pts or less. Talk about a roller coaster season. Optimistically,Seattle’s 7-1 on the road. Hopefully,Seattle can adapt on the road in the playoffs. But!!! Seattle only won 3 playoff games on the road in 35 years.

    Korie Creson

    I’ve been saying all year this team is 1 play away from being a 5-11 team, tough to lose 2 games in a row & 3 of 4 late season, I guess we accept this isn’t the shut down December team any longer. That team didn’t include shottenhiemer & Norton as play callers. We had a disciplined team. Hope for a 4 game run of great football.

Jaden Mcfield

that delay of game thooooooo

    Claudio Jenkins

    Jaden Mcfield yeah wtf

    Korie Creson

    Yeah, harsh.

Dr. Bob

You were AMAZING at the end of the game Russ. As were the REST of the Hawks. No PI call (it’s gonna happen in the NFL now…that’s how they control games), and Hollister certainly did everything HE could do. The 5-yrd penalty really hurt… GO HAWKS.

    Korie Creson

    Amazing would have won the game. It was a drive that showed a glimpse of Russell’s talent, he is partially responsible for the delay, especially after they spiked the ball on the 1 yard line. I think Russ has some nagging injuries because he just didn’t look the same the past 2 weeks.


It was an amazing game, i just want to say, Throw the Ball Russ, you are great. Just Throw The Ball! Glad for our defense and the return of BeastMode!

Noah Ventura

I am a 49er fan but Seahawks you did great too great game

Cristian Pena

I’m just glad Russ didn’t get sack , I mean going up against nick Bosa and it’s cause Russ used his legs and that’s what we need to keep doing going into the play offs. Eagles here we come

    Ron Fili

    He did get sacked! Aleast once that I remember.

    Korie Creson

    Hawks gotta play perfect ball, none of that 5 plays to score a touchdown bull our d allowed

    Korie Creson

    @Ron Fili 1

Garrett Sindelar

I get that Russ is a positive guy, but I wish he would get mad sometimes I feel like he never thinks his team can do any wrong

Josh Hutchins

Being a niners fan and how much I hate the Seahawks I got all the respect in the world for Wilson. Such a great guy and team player!! I knew he was going to make it interesting in the 2nd half against us

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