2007 Giants vs. Cowboys NFC Divisional Playoff VICTORY | New York Giants Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Ant-Man 710

First! Let’s go big blue!!!

RoguePepper 9606

It would be even better if we were playing this Sunday, am I right giants fans??



    Richard Pilhofer

    obviously you’re fucking right but we’re not so for now we just have to enjoy these high quality flashback videos




3rd comment btw giants are my favorite team


I mean this video was uploaded a few months ago…

RoguePepper 9606

These was literally the same video a couple months ago


Miss this feeling… let’s get back to winning soon #GiantsPride

    Christian Iramfasha

    TheChozen_0nee I believe in judge next few years are ours


    Christian Iramfasha me too… with another good offseason and Judge with the right staff I think we can really turn this around.. we have the talent to win games, just needs to be used right 🤞🏽

the annointed one

5:05 still my favorite celebration of all time. The way Jacobs apologetically reacted lmao.

Charles Grady

r.i.p. jared lorenzen

Erwin Torres

At 6:14 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Ladell P

Oooh… look at that. A Dallas fan gave this video a thumbs down.

ThatOneGuy 123

I want this feeling again.

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