TOP Highlights from Golden Tate’s 2019 Season | New York Giants Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Joseph Torres

Man had some plays!!

Makhi Banks

Do Eli Manning next


Good picc up for us ?? What u guys think? And also don’t forget we still got Corey Coleman coming bacc next season

    Patrick Pritchard

    It’s not even a question! Dude produces and is exactly the type of guy you want Darius Slayton to be smart enough to be taking tips from.

    Patrick Pritchard

    Tate/Slayton is a formidable wr duo for the next four years. Not to mention when Evans and Sheppard are able to play.


How’s my YAC Tate in your mouth!!
Now if we can draft some top Oline players and a Pass Rusher; while Judge begins implementing a dynamic offensive and defensive scheme…We’ll be on our way.


Tate > Odell

    Ivan Shelly

    Way more productive! YAC king

    Patrick Pritchard

    Especially when you think about Tate’s influence on young guys like Slayton. OBJ took our WR’s to Miami to party before a playoff game and they dropped a million passes, were the difference in the game. I guarantee Jerry Reese is still seeing that game on his nightmares.

Muz Kamal26

Mans a goat

Lil Robux

I understand that we can free up some dead cap space with him but he has really made really good clutch plays. We should keep him.

Richard Pilhofer

that one handed catch against the cowgirls was sickkkkk

Xavior Jimenez

Why didn’t they show the touchdown he had against the bears on 4th AND 26. I think that was his best touchdown of the season

    Patrick Pritchard

    They were showing plays that featured his veteran finesse. Aka, times he played the situation just perfectly. Tate is probably the most underrated wr in the NFL.

Brittany McCarter


Hotshot 14380

He’s definitely still got a year or two left in him. Can’t wait to see him perform next season!

Christopher Strebeck

Very underrated wr

Dan Sage

Good player but his cockiness just irks me.

    Lucas Martinez

    I mean when he makes a good play he can be cocky if he wants.

William B

Tate was good…the guy had no drops the first 4 games of the season

Frank Stange

He is going be on our number 1 reciever next year and have better year if not suspended or injured

Kermit DaGangster

Golden Tate got wheels still in him & is a good veteran WR, Jones will need him in his development


I was on board with the signing from the jump. Clutch Catches , Big Plays And Yac.

Gerald Deus

Tate Is a good player. Hope he can coach sterling Sheppard to be this good.

Erik the Blue

Golden Tate has a tremendous amount of balance after contact. It’s something that he has in common with receivers like Jerry Rice and Mohammed Sanu.

Brayden Gonseth

I’d say that we should trade or release golden tate. I love him he is a gods receiver but I would want a deep threat receiver and that is jerry jeudy. Trade golden Tate for a late round pick or just release him

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