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A Day in the Life of the Raiderettes | Raiders

Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at what goes into a gameday for the Raiderettes.

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Ruben Brambila

First RN4L

Harvey Manuel

Pillaging just for fun.

Anthony Zapata



12:25 AM? MIN 2:32


We love you too, ladies! Great job this year. ❤

NO NAME 00110001001110010011100000110100

with the state of football being the way it is.
i guess i don’t mind watching this.

    Danny Domingos

    There only like a minute left of this video and I finally scroll down and see this comment lol! Truth

Isabella Rodriguez

Awe luv the RAIDERETTES🖤🖤🏴‍☠️

Tony Ramos

Can’t wait till we go to Vegas. Go Raiders!!!


    Tony Ramos And more good history will go to this new stadium. -Hello from Sacramento.

    Mark Santucci

    @xElChiCanoESEXx213 which stadium and City do the cheerleaders like better Oakland or Los Vegas?


    Mark Santucci Go ask them.😂

    Mark Santucci

    @xElChiCanoESEXx213 I live in New York area so i’m way way to far?


    Mark Santucci To answer your question I think they probably like Las Vegas because Oakland is like a dump, and Las Vegas isn’t. I really don’t know to that question.

Mr.Rainbow TopHat

Go Raiders I went to last game in Oakland

Joey_ Breezy

Well at least they have beautiful cheerleaders

Y'z Gent

Shout out to the Raiderettes for holding it down all these years, from Oakland to LA, then Oakland again.
You’ll be a hit in Vegas also, and yup it is Sin City, but we know you’ll keep it classy…Do ya thang. RN4L!

niko lugo

I always thought the Raiders had the best looking cheerleaders

    Donnie Woodland

    Like last dude said get in line been in love with them back in 92 when I was 12 got a calionder for my birthday RAIDER Nation!

Carlos Gutierrez

Is it me 🤔………or do this ladies look pulchritudinous ,in Rrrrraaaaaiiiiddddeeeerrrrssss gear!?


Good job!

eph elle

Go Sin City Raiders! RN4L

Steve Nelson

Poor things…there were still out at 12:20 AM. Was the game played in Iceland?

walter leon

Al davis really loved his cheerleaders. good thing they helped with the nation.

:Larry-Alan :Longacre.


Edward Merida

You know why I’m here..



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