Za’Darius Smith believes team familiarity major factor in run defense – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Amy Powell


Sam McCuaig


Sam McCuaig

glad we got him

Aphro Aqua

Go pack go

Blong Vang

The true pro snubbed

    R N

    Khalil Mack is not Pro Bowl worthy.

    DemonKnight 124

    @R N 🤨????….

    Adrian Munguia

    It won’t matter bc we’ll be preparing to win the superbowl in Jesus Mighty Name Amen 🙏🏽

steve campbell

Go pack go dpoy

DemonKnight 124

Been waiting on an interview video from him so I could congratulate him on that absolutely amazing performance Monday Night!!!! My hat is off and my glass is raised to you, sir, AND the rest of the D-Train as well.
Now let’s go get those Lions and clinch the #1 or #2 spot.
Go Pack Go!!!!

aaron berhane

Hope we get the number 1 seed so all we have to do is win 2 games to get to the Super Bowl


    Win 2 games at home*

    Zavion Edwards

    Go pack go

    Jim Garner

    All they have to do is beat the Lions, and be 13-3, and have the Seahawks ( even though Carson and Joe Penny got hurt), beat the 49ers at home. If this happens, they’ll be sitting pretty. I hope they get the #1 seed too, they don’t want to have to go on the road, and play the Saints in a very loud Superdome, where it would be almost impossible to hear, or the 49ers on the road, where they got embarrassed earlier this season, or even Russell Wilson and the Seahawks and the 12th man on the road, where it would be extremely loud. Heaven forbid!!, i don’t even want to think about it.

    Anish Gaonkar

    You can get the #2 seed and win 2 games to make it to the super bowl

CEO fishing

Where’s Preston?😥

    Chris Garrett

    I think he already had his interview the other day

Tony Waters



I think moving him around is the play, make mismatches and stop the run, definitely the defensive MVP of the packers

    FM L

    He became the leader on the Packers defense they so desperately needed after his great game Monday night at Minn.

    Saul Guillen

    Him being a rover has helped the defense big time..and even clark is playing light out..because hes getting one on one matchups.

Angie Zamora

One of the best linebacker’s in the Packers

    DemonKnight 124

    -One- -of- *THE BEST….


The Smith Brothers Pack Sack Attack I will call them. Where is Preston ?


I love this cat. He’s a beast and now a beloved member of the Pack. What a pick up. Thank the lord we got him!!!!! Congrats Za’Darius

༺๖ۣۜƊiͥscͣoͫrᖙ༻ Laz

This Chanel just had 31 million

Angel Alcaraz

a Vikings fan definitely disliked. lol


Can anybody else remember in recent history where our Packer team has been this healthy this late in the season? I mean gotdamn 🔥🔥

    Ricky Raines

    I’ve thought for years they must have needed changes in strength and endurance training programs because they where always SOO banged up by the end of the season. This is by far the healthiest they have been this far in the season…knock on wood. Not that I’m superstitious. Just a little stitious.


We want Preston & Zadarius to do these interviews together.

Monte Frank

Z gonna be a pick up truck richer 😂 its not even close

777d7777 777d7777

Our mvp this season and a great leader for this team
Definitely the best free agent signing this year and imo the DPOY in 2019
Let’s beat the lions to secure a 1st round bye en route to the SB
D-train ! !!!!!
Go Pack Go!!!!

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