Mike & Wes preview Packers at Lions | Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
FaZe_ Rain

Go pack


All Green Bay really has to do is try and they win this one.

    openyoureyesandseethefuture GLM

    thats right Yoda says there is no Do but only Try

openyoureyesandseethefuture GLM

you guys are awesome thanks for doing this i just pushed the thumb up number 50

Sarah Pfarr

Go💛💛pack🏈🏈go💚💚, we will win this Sunday


No dislikes, Bears fans have hibernated for the winter

    Jorge Rios

    Jeff spoke to early one bear is still woke n starving for cheese 🤣😂

Simple X.

Come out and get a big lead and Detroit’s back up QB won’t be able to catch up. I think the Packers win big if you ask me. Final prediction: Packers 38-17.

    Jorge Rios

    Simple X. I think we about to make another statement. 9-31 greenbay

Ali Cyrus Dehghani

GB 41 Lions 15. Aaron Jones 125 yards rushing 3 TDS and Rodgers 250+ yards passing LETS GO

Tyler Glasgow

Get off your phone, Wes!

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