Za’Darius & Preston Smith Believe That the Packers’ ‘Brotherhood’ is the Difference-Maker – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Best brothers of all time

    aaron berhane

    TJF PLAYZ there brothers deep down inside

For Kids By Kids

Preston has disappeared the last month to keep it real



Shay Rafter

first time i’ve seen preston in a month

dennis challenger

Z is a beast, love his enthusiasm its contagious. He is a real leader

Kiasia Johnson


Ask About Socialism/ Ask About Inequality

I love that sweep play. Makes me think of coach Lombardi’s quote

Jonah Hex

A family that naps together stays together.

onone since81

Preston had a huge pass block !!!!! We see you pres !!!

Scout 805

Bears: Bow Down
Bi-queens: Go Down
Felines: Fall Down
Kings of the North can Sit Down and Rest up! 8 more Quarters to the Show Boyz!

kevin andersen

P in the thumbnail 😂😂


Should the packers look for a an n the draft ? Let him sit for 2 or 3 yrs if we r lucky with Rodgers , just like he did with favre???


    @TOM yeah I just think we need to think about it. If a qb falls to us like Aaron did we have to think really hard about taking him.


    I def think Aaron will have a better yr next yr. 1 more yr in the system . Hopefully some better wr around him as well


    You realize that even if Aaron Rodgers is 80% of what he used to be (not saying he is, but example), he’s still an elite QB and will be hard to replace. They can try to draft another QB but it’s gonna be hard to nail another pick. Favre and Rodgers = 30 years of elite QB, can’t really see us getting lucky again


    @Gino I def agree for sure , I’m just saying . Why not looked long and hard at the possibility of taking someone. Not saying Rodgers is done, I just think with all the weapons we have invested in defense and 2 grade a running backs. Solid line wr and lb looks to be our biggest weakness . Not including the smiths cuz they really are defensive ends more then linebackers imo. But if a qb with alot of upside is there I have to believe they look heavy at snagging him for the future . Also see the packers going out and getting 1 or 2 wr in free agency over the draft . Esp seeing where we will be picking . I’m just saying I wouldn’t be shocked if a qb fell to us and we took them. That is all. I also believe Rodgers will be alot better next yr. But I just don’t think drafting a rookie wr is the answer for our offense . I think free agency is the best route .

OKXSIX Jesus cardona

Keep working hard Za💚💛

Hilario Bailon

Za’Darius smith id a beast and preston Smith our offensive needs to step up more


who else need a Za’darius jersey?


    muely97 YES, i love za’darius, i would never have imagined him being this big of an impact for us!!

    Chuck Walters

    Bought one at week 8 hes a beast go pac go

Isaiah Wakeen

I see you Lily Zhao, if your seeing this hmu 😍😍

Dre Day

They need to realize 2 wins equals superbowl n 3 gets u the goal i mean this is a huge opportunity

Yi Wei Zhang

Start scouting out the Saints. You guys have already played Eagles and know Vikings very well, so Saints should be priority for now…

Dylan McDowell

This is so true though. That’s the difference this year, for sure. And just look at the 2017 Eagles: chemistry can take you all the way, against any odds. Excited to see what we can do in the playoffs!!

rick p

I love these guys!!! Such energy and such positive attitudes!!!!

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