Allen Lazard Admires the Resilience of the Packers in Sunday’s Comeback Win – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Ke'J Reed


Son of sparda

I like him better than mvs or geronimo

    For Kids By Kids

    There’s nothing to like bout Allison’s game oh yeah coach says a wr is a great blocker

    Sic Infidel



    Gmo is just a fumble machine.

andre cash

I like this guy def a steal of a pick up hope we target him more


What a steal

Imda Mann

Lazard knows the receiver position he is going to be a beast in the playoffs when everybody focuses on Davante he’ll make them pay tough physical not afraid of any db !

For Kids By Kids

Lazard got dog in him.

dennis challenger

A rising star , big target

    Thomas Pick

    What a nice young man. It really comes through listening to him speak. Allen is a great athlete, very talented. Best wishes for the rest of the season.

Pie Of Justice


    The Bud Man

    Lets see you do a post game interview as an inexperienced player. He did great

King Jay

He can make things happen im extremely proud of all my recievers in this game mvs, allison, adams, kumerow, graham, tonyan they all battled this year lazard can be a monster in the redzone then he’s tall so that’s Rodgers advantage he gone be our number one he got a great quarterback throwing to him and he can put up some stats’s and help our offense score some major points i want and hope he shines in the playoffs he wants a ring that’s the key that he’ll shine once he’s in the game

    Vencent Hickman

    Win the games those stats gon come behind the wins

Josh M

I think Rodgers has realized we have a WR2 now GO PACK GO

Mgtow Farmer

Him and kumuro are the way to go.


Lazard lowkey a rising star

Sharon Ayers

The 1st time I heard of you, I told my daughter that I hoped the Packers got you !!! And they did !!!


I had high Hope’s for Geronimo to shine this season. I think he’s been different since that nasty KO concussion. Lazard stepped in though and he’s awesome.

Clone Cone

As an Iowa State fan I could not be more proud of Lazard, he has played on my 2 favorite teams

It’s Snipes

Very proud Lazard can step up when we need him. We need to target him more because he is a big and physical target and can make great plays

Andrew Vasquez

Allen Lazard’s stock is constantly rising, this guy is huge and great hands and great work ethic. Iowa state alum!

OKXSIX Jesus cardona

Keep working hard man!💛💚💪🏼

Master King Lee

I like this dude! He reminds me a lot of Mike Evans

    Gabriel McKee

    Master King Lee was thinking the same.

thebull Devoe

This team can’t play like that in the playoffs

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