Zach Ertz “We Need Everyone Right Now” | Eagles Press Pass – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Zach Ertz “We Need Everyone Right Now” | Eagles Press Pass

Hear from Philadelphia Eagles players Zach Ertz, Nigel Bradham, Brandon Brooks, and more following the team's walkthrough on December 18.

Press Pass is presented by Xfinity.

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Tristan’s Gaming

Fly eagles fly

Call Me J. R.



Bury those Cowboys!!


    Extinction Since 1900s

    Simi 615

    You mean Cowgirls!

Derrick Richmond


Ricardo Campos


Goat Stature

I want to see Ertz and Goddard go ballistic on Sunday

    Najee Alexander

    Goat Stature a little Boston Scott in the mix!


    Ward, Sanders and Scott can be money too, and the D needs to show up.

    Nick Bradford Sr.

    Ertz, yes… Goedert, not so much. Ill be focused on Boston Scott, Miles Sanders, Greg Ward Jr, Josh Perkins and Carson… They key is running the football. If Carson can have no more than 30 pass attempts, we’ll have a chance to take it.


I love my team

John Lancaster

Just play aggressive.

Markus White

Timmy will stop zeke.

Sharon L. Grady

Time for everyone to step up.

    Joey B

    Hey Grady…Where’s Fred and Lamont???


Show them why your the best TE in the league baby!


lets go guys!!!! boom boom boom, make play after play moving the chains like the final drive vs redskins and we can win!! and show up defense!

James Alicea

Best TE in the game !!! Play hard


Goedert gonna get his revenge

    Christian Borja

    That1KidYT I’ll be wearing my goedert jersey. Stay focus goedert we believe in you.

Zeliano 420

I think Zach Ertz would go insane on the field if he grew a playoff beard😂😂. He could have his best postseason yet!


We just need to control the lime of scrimmage, and we need to eliminate the turnovers and force Dak to make mistakes…

Natanel Solomonov

What would happen if this game was a tie

Ian Hom

Ya’ll, our squad needs us. WE GOTTA BE LOUD IN PHILLY!!!! I dont want Dak to be able to hear a thing! It’s gotta feel like a playoff Championship game!! Lets give it everything we got 🙂

    Mark Hilditch

    I’m going and I’m very excited. Gonna be loud!

Keyan Spain

I can’t wait 👿💪🏾love my team no matter what 💯

Justin Holtman

Bradham is such an underrated linebacker. He is one of the top in the league and never gets really the love others get

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