Jason Garrett: Cowboys Taking Dak Prescott’s Injury “Day By Day” | Eagles On the Phone – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Jason Garrett: Cowboys Taking Dak Prescott’s Injury “Day By Day” | Eagles On the Phone

Listen to Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett speak with the media about QB Dak Prescott's shoulder injury, RB Miles Sanders' performance this season, and more.

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Jeffrey DragonFire

Y’all doing some scouting for the game that’s what I like to see😂

Chase Dyer

This is weird lol. I love big red but you guys want to trade?

jags 24

Is this allowed lol?

    Mr Meaty

    jags 24 ikr sounds like cheating but I’m not complaining


    jags 24

    I guess so. They’ve done it with Bill Belichick, Jay Gruden, etc.

Dr Pavel, Im CIA.

Yo coach, just let Dak throw it to Coop, our secondary can’t stop it. Even with Wentz plays well, our D will let us down.

    Ali Muhammad

    Cooper rush is a duo threat qb better than dak cooper rush will get it done an dak will loose his job to cooper…

    Mike Conville

    @Ali Muhammad lose#
    Dumbass Cowscum fans

Raheem Austin

All lies it’s part of there sceanm



    Donald J. Trump


Loyal Philly fan

I’m hoping for 44-6 all over again 🦅!
Fly Eagles Fly

    Ali Muhammad

    When dallas win philly fan gonna fight Dallas fans watch. Philly dont have a offense to put up 44 points on dallas it will be another beat down by dallas. 37 to 10 again…

    Loyal Philly fan

    Ali Muhammad – our offense didn’t score 44 points in that game tho

    Jon Dias

    Ali Muhammad I had a seizure trying to read this

    Shawn Smith

    @Jon Dias this should be clear for you. Take this L

Geoffrey Greenman

Do they honestly think that the Eagles and their staff are going to hear this and really believe any of it.? Lol..

    Shawn Smith

    Yes they are brainless, they believed it last time.


    Doctor in SoCal think it’s a rotator cuff problem.


We going for that shoulder all game 😂

    Nathan Davies

    Yeah, next gen bounty bowl

    Mike Conville

    @Ali Muhammad Dallas ain’t winning and their scum fans will go in hiding


    Ali Muhammad you’re on crack bro dallas ain’t going to the Super Bowl just like the past 25 years

Gimme Donuts

Is our defense a joke to you? “A really good defense”

    JLN 545

    Your defense has been bad this year

preit preit

Dak will make it happen he isnt going to loose the division to a bumb like wentz and the eagles

    Shawn Smith

    @Eagle Beast lmao y’all haven’t hit 40 points all year bro gtfoh💯👍


    Eagle Beast 37-10 btw


    Mike Conville barely beat the Giants and Redskins btw… “In the Super Bowl” lmao stfu.
    Oh and also 37-10 lol

preit preit

This will be wentz first playoff game and he will losse out before he gets their

    Eric Alexy

    preit preit there**


It some truth to this not good for Dallas.

Nathan Davies

Did he really say our defense was good?😂

    Shawn Smith

    Y’all do have a good defense.

Edward Mears

The Eagles better not take Dak Prescott’s injury seriously. Prepare for Dak and his backup!

    Shawn Smith

    Prepare for this L bro👍

Paul Lockyer

Dallas has more talent but if Dak doesn’t play the Boys are in trouble.

    Shawn Smith

    Doubt it still have Zeke 💯

Victor Hughes

This dude just said the eagles have a really good defense wth Garrett says anything


In the meantime, ‘Wheelchair Wentz’ is going to finish the season…karma.


Did Garret even answer a question lol

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