Zach Ertz Discusses Catching the Game-Winning TD vs. Giants | Eagles Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jekyll Hyde

*Scott Scared The Giants Into Not Doubling Ertz Lol Big Mistake*



Ashtar Sheran

They hate us cause we cheat. -Patriots

Goat Stature

wow when is the last time we’ve seen an Eagle receiver do a post game interview


Sometimes I think we should just leave these great players ALONE and let them play football!. Great Win!. Go Eagles!

cesar arias

A class act and a great, great TE. He will be a star for a long time.

Gaming with EffJayEss And Kush God

For all the people who still had faith the eagles would win>>>>>>>

    Pete Vit

    I’m sorry to say I turned it off at halftime, when I watched the recording today and saw it went into OT, I had not faith, they just didn’t look like they wanted to win. faith restored

    Donald Brown

    It was hard to watch especially losing on ur bday but i stuck it out.

Carmen Vega

Hi Fan Philly eagles and Zach better. Hope beat other become play off champion hope best go go fly🙏☝️🏈

Dbz Lover

This Man Won The Game for Us

    goKu Lebron

    Boston scott would disagree

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