Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants Postgame Show | 2019 Week 14 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Daniel Jimenez Reply


layzer80 Reply

we beat a high school football team equivalent ,should have been an eagles blowout win FFS

    Jez the4th Reply

    I agree but the comeback and resilience with an offense chock full of practice squad players is still impressive. The Giants skill position players are still better than the eagles by a longshot. Think about it. Golden tate, Darius slayton, Evan engram, saquon barkely. We had nothing but practice squad players and Zach ertz. We had a practice squad tight end playing wide receiver bc we had no one else. Think about that.

    drealmerz7 z Reply

    seriously, so sick of these delusional fans

    FACTS over FICTION Reply

    Obviously, you never played. ..ANYTHING. with contact

Mark Edwards Pezenosky Reply

Super hero Boston Scott..super charged offensive

layzer80 Reply

@23:50 but not credit Darby who single handedly almost lost it for us getting burnt and missing tackles smh

    Andrew Hansen Reply

    I’m more pissed at mccloud Darby at least tried to get the guy on the Second TD while mccloud just jogged it out

007 Reply

Carson Wentz showed a lot of heart tonight and proved once again why he’s the far better choice than Nick Foles. Carson will have a better group of receivers and a healthier team eventually and he’ll bring championships to Philly.

    Bleeding Green Nation Reply

    Doesn’t matter. The owner, front office, strength and conditioning staff and medical staff and coaching staff will mess that up.

    Cicada Smasher Reply

    You’re smoking crack. Wentz will never win a Superbowl. No heart, can’t make simple decisions under pressure, no accuracy, no arm. Foles was the right one to keep and we could have gotten a lot in trade for this bum Wentz.

    Wood Dro Reply

    @Cicada Smasher you sound dumb af you see what Foles doing in Jacksonville? He got benched for a rookie 😂😂 Carson is the right choice by far

    drealmerz7 z Reply

    no, he got lucky, very very lucky

    Cicada Smasher Reply

    @Wood Dro This is Philly, not Jacksonville. And good, maybe we can get him back cheap and get rid of this bum Wentz.

tooter1able Reply

YOUTH rescued this win!!! Boston, Goedert, Ward, et al!!

Erixoz Reply

Yes, Wentz’s best game for sure.

    Cicada Smasher Reply

    If this was Wentz’s best game, we’re screwed.

    Erixoz Reply

    @Cicada Smasher You sure are a stupid fck.

    drealmerz7 z Reply

    and he sucked pretty badly, he was lucky

    Erixoz Reply

    @drealmerz7 z He had only 5 comeback games in his entire career. This was his first overtime win, with only ONE WR Ward left at the end of the game. The 4th QTR and Overtime weren’t bad, you dope. They fcking won.

    drealmerz7 z Reply

    @Erixoz …against the Giants…Ward, Sanders, Ertz, Goedert – these alone are more weapons than a lot of teams who play a lot better have – add Scott, Arcega-Whiteside, Perkins – and an AVERAGE qb should be able to dominate offensively

Emmet Fanatic 2019 Reply


northdakota momma Reply

Leave Agholor and Jeffrey on the bench, team looks better without them.

Jordan Roman Reply

Whatever happened to the offense in the 2nd half of the 3rd quarter through the rest of the 3rd quarter through the 4th quarter and overtime THATS WHAT I WANNA SEE THROUGH THE REST OF THE SEASON. Just show some heart. Thats the strength of this team. While the Giants are terrible terrible they always back us against the wall and we use then to get everything together. I cant say enough about Carson Wentz. What heart what determination down to 1 healthy receiver and down by 14 and he lead us to victory. I dont wanna hear any negative words about Carson for the week. On to the Washington Shitskins

Carmen Vega Reply

Hello fan best eagles beat straight 3 then champ

Shifty McGee462 Reply

Firing the medical staff isn’t enough. Those dudes need to be banned from the city.

drealmerz7 z Reply

it was the GIANTS with ELI MANNING, people – relax, the eagles did not play well at all

    FACTS over FICTION Reply

    You mad Carson was CLUTCH?😂😂😂

    drealmerz7 z Reply

    @FACTS over FICTION no, just tired of delusional stupid fans – Carson wasn’t “clutch” at all, he was lucky – do you even watch the games?

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