Zach Banner takes to the streets of Pittsburgh, tests people on their holiday & Steelers knowledge – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Plasma Infectionz

Zach Banner is my hero

General Thomson

He’s the GOAT


This man is a treasure

Justin Leach

If anyone follows Zach on Twitter, it makes that Duck answer at 3:33 that much funnier.

Jayne Jayne

Zack #72 be niicceee

Joseph D'Albero

This is gold

Erasure M8

We just freshly imprisoned them lmao

    Lunar Nature


Luis D

Great video and a shout out to Zach Banner for taking the time to do this.

Omar Villalobos

Zach Banner can make everyone’s day better. Love this guy!!

warrior for God

Zach banner is hilarious

Jacob Gonzalez

If only #72 was also athletic enough to play fullback along with being eligible

Stanley McKrawzowitcz

Zach is kind of a ball breaker


Duck hodges. 😂

Zachary Balog

He’s gonna have an awesome career in television after football! Great personality.

Stairway to Seven

We need to sign him to like a lifetime deal.

Ken Bone

Zach Banner is the MAN!

Notice these USC guys have actual personalities an are real humans?


“ please don’t throw it away, i’ll know if you threw it away, i’ll find you “

UsoVince90 __

Zach and Juju collab would be THEE GREATEST video foreal. #Steelers4Life

George Coull

#72 is eligible 💪🖤💛

Lazer Rocket


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