Giants CB Corey Ballentine discusses his rookie year progression – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Big Blue Elo80

Time for the young bucks to shine 😎💯


I’m Calling all y’all toast because y’all be getting burnt 😂😂
I love my team but we need to work on that techniques 😂😂😂

    Nick Bronson

    Got to remember he was DII and a 6th round pick, but yeah they’re getting toasted lol


    @Nick Bronson that don’t matter you good enough to make a roster you good enough to evolve

    Nick Bronson

    Mars I think he’ll be good in the future it just takes more time

    djb djb



    @Nick Bronson I do to but until then he’s getting called toast lol


They will be our core you heard it from me


Don’t sleep on these later picks ⚠️⚠️

ryan forde

bought this mans jersey

Christian Iramfasha

New Dominique Rodgers cromartie

    Giants Pride

    DRC was WAYYYY faster

Flymoolah man 27

Once they get a better defensive coaching staff, they will have the talent and brains to be deadly

Hotshot 14380

Ngl man he’s probably doing the shittiest out of all our rookies on defense right now, he’s gotten smoked a couple times that cost us some big plays. I think he’s got potential but he’s really got to get better.


this kid is ok just needs experience and cut off mental mistakes , now as a giant fan since ya title a little kid don’t uou dare cut golden tate .cut shurmur . golden gate can still play big time. i am sick of stupid moves

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