“You’re so mad!” – Christian Wilkins was mic’d up in our OT Win! – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Neil Blaisdell

Oh yeah, go fins!

Terd Furguson

Future team leader right there

Joshua Taylor

Dolphins culture is the best in the league

Jake Abjornson

He is such a child lol

    Mallory Carll

    I love it. He’s having so much fun out there.


I love this man

    Disaster Vloggers

    I wish he played along Wake and Jason Taylor.

Jeff Naslund

He manages to talk smack without talking badly

We Got Next

Phins up 🐬 🐬


Favorite Phin right there.

Mallory Carll

“You’re mad #36. No, you’re so mad. Stop it.”

LMAO. He sounded like a disappointed parent when he said that.

Cheyenne Moore

Quit talking and get sacks

    Evan H.

    But this fits perfectly with our performance this year. Some how more entertaining than 80% of the other teams despite the record

    Cheyenne Moore

    Evan H. That may be true

Josey Wales

Mic him up more! Lol too funny

“You mad” love how he gets in their heads and still be sportsman’s like.

Ashley Snell ( I'm a man, by the way)

I’m so glad he’s having fun! Miss having him at Clemson!

Marcus T

Love his energy but we blew a nice lead to go into overtime…🤔

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