Are Chiefs Ready for Playoffs? Frank Clark Talks Defense & Week 17 Preview | In the Trenches 12/27 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Are Chiefs Ready for Playoffs? Frank Clark Talks Defense & Week 17 Preview | In the Trenches 12/27

Chiefs Reporter BJ Kissel gets you all caught up with everything you need to know heading into Sunday's showdown with the Los Angeles Chargers, plus he sat down for an exclusive 1-on-1 with Frank Clark to talk the recent defensive dominance and how it could continue into the playoffs, and he caught up with NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah to help preview Chiefs-Chargers on Sunday, plus much more! LACvsKC

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Delko Martinez



    @Rodora Zuba that’s where its at CHEERZ 🍻

    Delko Martinez




    Rodora Zuba

    @CHIEF URAG Thanks. Cheerz man !🍻

    GreeN LeaF32


Bonnie Keough

They are on fire and can’t be stopped.

Drew Wallace

They are dangerous a hard force to be reckoned with we got this let’s keep our foot on the gas full on our defense has turned the corner

Alivia Cunard

Come one chiefs we can do it !!!!

Freddie Ritter

Honey badger MVP MVP MVP

    Freddie Ritter

    @momma Rhonda what this man has brought to our secondary is unbelievable and most valuable

    momma Rhonda

    @Freddie Ritter agreed 👍 I am getting his and Hardman’s jerseys next. I wish I could afford the whole team lol

    momma Rhonda

    @Freddie Ritter and let’s not forget, defense wins championships!

    Freddie Ritter

    @momma Rhonda Tell ya what Rhonda I believe this defense can win a championship this season!

    Freddie Ritter

    @momma Rhonda and I just got my Mahomes Jersey! Go Chiefs

Chiefs Kingdom

Please forgive Kareem Hunt and sign him in the offseason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Multiple super bowls with him on our offense!!!!!  Come on Mr. Hunt, bring back the Hunt

    jesse gossett

    I really hope so and he would be cheap and we wouldn’t have to give up anything for him. We can use our picks on other areas of need. It would be a win win. Come on Veach and Hunt!

    Bryan Yasuhara

    Ain’t gonna happen, kids

    Yepa man

    Bryan Yasuhara how do you know?

Phillip Jennings

Frank Clark was an animal in Seattle boy!

Chiefs Hotline

Audio only 😭😭😭

Chief Daddy

Super Bowl bound Chiefskingdom!!!

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