Young women in Georgia are BLAZING TRAILS for future generations in football – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Young women in Georgia are BLAZING TRAILS for future generations in football

Grayson High School Football players, Ivey and Ashaih, are setting an example and building a foundation for other young women both, on and off the field, to be empowered to play flag football.  They have put other activities aside and put in extra work for a game that they are passionate about and they are motivated to prove that women can be just as successful as men in this sport.

Ashaiah is a junior at Grayson High School. She has an older brother, Alan Smith, that she played football with when they were younger. Alan was a star football player in high school and now plays at the college level. Ashaiah has always looked up to her older brother and has the same passion for the game as he does but hasn’t been given the same opportunity to play. She has played sports since she was 5 years old, but when she steps on the football field, she knows it is the sport for her. Now as a part of a high school flag football team, she feels she can reach her athletic potential. It has made a huge impact on her self-confidence, competitiveness, and growth in discipline. Ashaiah hopes that girls flag football will continue to grow, give more girls a chance to play, and one day provide scholarships.

Ivey is a junior at Grayson High School. She is involved in the Principal Leadership Committee, Beta Club, and Student Council. Ivey is also passionate about Dance and has been dancing her entire life. When girls flag football was announced, she immediately jumped at the opportunity. She wanted to show that women do not have to sit and watch football, but rather they can take part and prove that they can dominate the game. Personally, she believes that women are stuck behind a prominent wall of stereotypes, that women don’t belong on the field, and that they are meant to just look cute. Ivey wants to prove that statement wrong. She wants to provide a strong foundation for future young women, so they can prove themselves on the field and not behind a mirror. 
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This is Awesome!!!!!

Nate Lowe

Football is Universal

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I told you atlanta football is a joke, now your not lauhging but i am

Joseph Wilkins

I’m glad they are creating something for our youth specially girls I have 3 girls and football forms a bond with everyone and creates opportunity for them thank you Atlanta football I’m a die hard fan win or lose


Football bikini team. Is better

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