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we do not want rivers back and we definitely don’t want brady ! draft hurts in the 2-3 round and let him sit behind tyrod for a bit. Tyrod did exceptional on his past teams without any types of weapons around him , imagine him with our weapons ?? 10+ wins guaranteed.. hopefully lynn gives it a shot


    I would even feel comfortable bringing in mariota and building an offense w some read options etc. and he would look just like himself at oregon. tennessee tried to hand him the playbook for a white pocket passer knowing damn well that aint his style and theyre surprised he couldnt make it work ?

    Max Cochran

    Tyrod is not a good starter. Sorry but that’s the truth


    Max Cochran and what makes you say that ? his past seasons where he was hesitant to throw it to no names ? or where he took the no names to the playoffs ?

    PepsKnows Best

    RobbyG your hilarious

    Ryan Duffy

    Hopefully we can get Herbert or Tua with pick #6, but it looks like they’re both going to get drafted before us, so we might be out of luck


Bolt Gang Super Bowl 55 Champs let’s do it for number 55 Junior Seau✊🏽✊🏽

    VNB6 Vinilla latte B6

    DAGO 619 CALI FACTOR you said it RIP junior Seau


Sign and trade Melvin

    Ryan Duffy

    That would give us a cap penalty and dead cap space for however long his deal is. It sucks that we can’t get any value out of him if he goes to a different team in free agency, but the fact that he was in the last year of his deal is the reason why we couldn’t get a trade for him during the season; not many teams are going to want to trade for him when he might just refuse to sign with the new team at the end of the year


Bring back rivers and get an o line

    Ryan Duffy

    Chargers already said they parted ways with Rivers


    Ryan Duffy they didn’t say that. They said there still willing to renegotiate a contract if something where to happen.

    Big Serg

    @PepsKnows Best its not gonna happen son and honestly i really hope you stop being a chargers fan if he comes back lol👍

    PepsKnows Best

    Big Serg well too bad I’m still gonna be a charger fan anyway #boltup

Zack Cadillac


MagmaPlayer ROUSSETT

ayeeeeeeeee lets goo boltsss

Ηη Ηη


    Ryan Duffy

    The organization already said they were done with Rivers

Ryan Duffy

Let’s draft well and do better next season! Go bolts!

Peter atwan

What happens with Travis Benjamin

Manford Bents

Rivers> literally any other qb. Nobody fits this team better. Ya’ll don’t understand what Rivers can still do plus he’s the face of the franchise and he deserves that ring. But chances are low. Chargers forgetting about Rivers. 🤷‍♂️

    Legend__ 21

    Exactly bro this organization is pathetic when it comes to loyalty

Rigdon Banks

No Phil saying 80 yards!! 80 yard touchdowwwwwn!!!!

ENDx Spirits

I love Phil hopefully he stays

Steven Suro

0-6 in Division Games 🤷🏻‍♂️

DB Balbas

Melvin Gordon was never as Good as advertise.

Billy C

So signs are showing that we passed up on watson and Mahomes a few years ago only now to choose this Justin Herbert guy? TT should be on the hot seat if anything

EmbraceXFear Tha BlackOut

Riversorweriot .

Joho Films

Chargers forever


Say all you want about TO’s, but Rivers was the heart and soul this team for years. DO NOT! let him go somewhere else. Just Draft a QB if you must, cut Scott & Tevi, build that O-line and let’s go in 2020! #BOLOTIE

Joe Rogan

Rivers is playing at a HIGH level, chargers organization really taking a gamble letting go hin . Lets see how this plays out. Rivers play with a team and makes the bowl? Could happen lol chargers fashion. Cough cough nick Foles . . . .

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