WR Davante Adams Says Playing The NFC Championship Game Close To Home Is A Dream Come True – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jake Vukelic

As long as we get long drives on offense and keep our defense from getting tired this is our game, go pack!


    Yep! Not only do you keep your defense from getting tired but you get the 49ers defense tired.

    aaron berhane

    3lement2010 true


    3lement2010 idk man that niners defense stamina seems unreal, I’m a packers fan but it’s not going to be that easy. To tire them out, we’re gonna need long drives on offense and that’s gonna be a hard task

Tommy Kemen


Kiasia Johnson

Love the podium interviews lol

evan boebel

We have to gas them right away! Run a hurry up offense. No huddle! Hard counts! Catch them on substitutions, draw them off sides and get those free plays! Defense needs to stop the run and hold them to field goals! Don’t let em breath!!!!

    hey hey

    I could not agree more and keep attacking them outside the hash marks until they over commit. Seattle stays close with them because Wilson wears them down. I also say on Defense play man and clog the line, only use one line backer and play Z. Smith in the middle!

    Make Jimmy G. beat you under pressure and take no prisoners!

    Thomas Pick

    I want the defense to score significant points. Pick-sixes, safeties.

Mark Sawyer

Davante needs to blend in this week. Short passes only, spread the ball around. No sacks. Long drives, eat up clock, keep the SF front frustrated… Then maybe later in the game, we can go downfield a little more with Davante…

    ambi ven

    Jimmy Graham needs to play a big part to. They will take out Adams so it will be upto Graham and other young receivers.

    mindless monk


    Jack McCoy

    @ambi ven Shermen doesn’t move around line Adams up opposite and he can feast on quick slants and comebacks


    They need to run the ball as much as they can an rotate backs in an out make that defense tired.

David Y

Happy to see Tae on these more long form interviews! Love this dude and love this team

New England Python

Let’s go pack. I got $12,000 on packers

    Souls Of Sorrow

    If I had it I’d throwdown $12k on AR and my Pack! 🤘
    Green & Gold ‘Til I’m Dead & Cold

    mindless monk

    Bruh that’s a bad bet as a packers fan goodluck I hope we win for your sake.

    Jason S

    Sports book is about to collect!Wildcard round- Vikings @ Saints, upset Vikings win
    Divisional Round- Titans @ Ravens. upset Titans win
    Conference Championship- Packers @ 49ers,

    who will win Packers @ 49ers.
    my pick is green bay with the upset, gopackgo!

Jesse Hufton

Win or lose, I will carry the G. I love this team and these players. I know they will give it everything they got. Go pack go.

    ambi ven

    Yupp! Specially Arod..he knows there are very few chances he will get after this to get that 2nd ring.

    mindless monk

    Since 1996

Greenbay backer

Tae such a baller! And a beast! 🔥


All The Pressure Is On 49ers

70monte 70 monte

We need the rest of the receivers to step up now and make a name for yourself with the rest of the elite receivers in the league

    Scout 805

    Cuz Tae prolly won’t catch as many this week with Sherman on coverage.

Brenda Cano

I’m a believer!!! GO PACK GO❤

Simeon Givens

So ahead of his time as being a very humble guy!

Randy Davis

Go pac go 🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀

Lee Joseph

Im so nervous for this game. Knowing we are one game away from the superbowl and only the 49ers stand in our way… So wish we were at home, i would be so much more confident.

    Austin Voshall

    Lee Joseph I actually think going in with the underdog mentality of it being an away game is our only hope for winning to be honest lol

Souls Of Sorrow

Diggin’ the military style Pack hoodie. We have just as much of an opportunity to win this as the niners… and if any team can create the biggest upset in niner playoff/championship history it’s definitely AR and the Pack and deadliest underdog team in my personal opinion!🤘

Green & Gold ‘Til I’m Dead & Cold

dave redler

Beat SF! Toilet city USA.

Lance G

Davante is very well spoken. Can hear the intelligence in his answers. And just happens to be a great receiver.

cruzboy 27

Jordy would be great receivers coach to help this young guys adapt to Aaron to get more chemistry with him

Daniel Keyser

I have a feeling this game will be like when GB beat the number one seed Atlanta in the division round come on pack let’s go!!!

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