Bryan Bulaga on mindset for Sunday: ‘I just do my part’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Mat Grob


CM Dell


Daniel Dietsche

Go get’m Brian… Go Pack!

Jeroen Bruin

The Packers need to bring him back next year

    James Barlow

    They will

    Kevin Rogge

    James Barlow it’s not a certainty. Bulaga could get a decent pay day on the open market

Thanos did Nothing wrong



    BryneBlaga – – iwa

jayblue Contreras

Lets go Packers…
Lets get this W…..
Im from. California and im a die hard packer fan … I wish greenbay would let the packers come to los Angeles…..
But im glad to see them here when they visit… Trust not the rams or chargers are wanted here… 49ers seattle cowboys raiders sale out both places when visited ……. With that said go pack go …

Daniel Seliger

The O-Line and how the safeties play will determine and be the key to winning this game. Also our pass rush must be dominant.

James Barlow

This guy needs to have his sheetogether Sun

Thomas Pick

So San Francisco substitutes a lot to keep players fresh? Discipline. Let Aaron catch them with 12 men on the field. 5 yard penalty for free. Do it several times on Sunday. That old center’s program had a video clip some time back complimenting Brian’s amazing foot work. It is exceptional. Brian is not flat footed. He keeps moving. Gutey wanted you to take a salary cut. Glad you stood firm. You are worth your salary. Stay healthy. Best wishes to Brian for a wonderful performance on Sunday.

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