Working with Perspective & the Acquisition of a Game-Changer | Arizona Cardinals Flight Plan – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Working with Perspective & the Acquisition of a Game-Changer | Arizona Cardinals Flight Plan

Arizona Cardinals Owner Michael Bidwill, WR Larry Fitzgerald, Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury and General Manager Steve Keim respond to the national crisis, both personally and professionally… and before the world changed, the team was deep into #NFLDraft preparations at the Senior Bowl and #NFLCombine, as well as acquiring a game-changer in WR DeAndre Hopkins.

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2020 Champs Bois


I love those banners in the training facility. It also shows that we were 2 time NFL champs, don’t forget that. I also love all of our logos through history seen there


1925-1947- 2020? Hopefully! Let’s goooooo cardinals!!!!!


Kyler, Fitz, Drake… Hopkins. What a squad. Can’t wait to see that first k1 to dhop touchdown

    ChillsterCat Ye

    zakreid with the additional Kirk, Williams, and Clay it’s gonna be a SQUAD

    Nelson Pineda

    Fix the online ur set

    The Blue Tostito

    Kenyan Drake too, he super underrated!

    Andrew James

    If we had a o line we would be nasty


10:33 damn dat editing doe 😳


100% Best available and counting on a trade to get that 2nd round back.


We NEED that d-hop interview ASAP please

Damian Sosa

Everything aside, the productions team of this show is killing it

    Derek Castillo

    Been one of the best produced shows To date. It’s so good every time. Cardinals were very early in this process.


    The music was excellent as well

Bruce Rivers

Love this team can’t wait for draft night and the season to start back. #RiseUpRedSea‬

Ace_ Eric

Not a cardinals fan, but I enjoy the authenticity of these videos. #TitanUp

    _ JDP2104 _

    I bet you’re happy we took Hopkins out of your division lol


As long our defense is top 20 we will be a playoff team.

    Shawn Whitaker

    TheThezeus101 the cardinals making playoffs but I think y’all have to be atleast top 15

Smooth Rider

Kliff got 20 different handshakes for 20 different dudes lol

Ryan Carrizal

1:19 “Kliff, I like what you’ve done with your walls.”
It’s a simple joke but I was dying when he said it hahah

    Anthony Medina

    It made me chuckle to the point that I woke up my dog

Billy Love

This episode just made me love kliff even more

Angel Rios

I’m a Steelers fan but it’s interesting watching these videos from the cardinals

    Anthony Medina

    Thanks man, I feel so grateful to be able to watch my favorite team in depth every single year.

    Hopefully others team start getting these types of shows too.

    I believe even the Browns have one now

Jorge Rojas

Man this video team is amazing. A shame these quality videos don’t receive more recognition


I was excited for last season to start, but this year definitely tops it 🔥

no pain no gain

6:49 Kyler Murray’s cousin👀


From the Uk and ever since the all or nothing, been a huge cardinals fan, can’t wait for this next season!!!


    Gon97x Rise up red sea

    TimmyBoi 3000

    Where abouts do u live? I’m from oxford


“my microphone is muted” – michael bidwill 😂 love it

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