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Position Room: Matt Hasselbeck & the 2005 Offensive Line

Seahawks Legends Matt Hasselbeck, Walter Jones, Steve Hutchinson, Robbie Tobeck, Chris Gray and Sean Locklear catch up on a zoom call. The group reminisces about some of their favorite times together and talk about how they are handling staying at home.

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Insidious Kid21

The tight end one was lit

Jackson Reno



Keep em coming!

Jozz Wheeden

Heyyy, big Walt. One of the best to ever do it, ever.

    Insidious Kid21

    Jozz Wheeden fax

    420 Smoke until you choke


Jozz Wheeden

Robbie tobeck is looking a lot like Josh Brolin. Snap your fingers and get us another Superbowl ring or two, how about.

Devil Kid Productions

I’m eating it up lol, I grew up with these guys, Hasselbeck hucking it to D Jackson, Alexander running behind our monster o-line, a group that sent 2 offensive lineman to the hall, and theirs likely to be more from this squad

    brian griffith

    Bobby Engram and D Jackson!

    Devil Kid Productions

    @brian griffith deion branch wasn’t bad either, when he was healthy, hell we even had TJ Houshmanzedah for like 2 seasons lol

Insidious Kid21

These guys are hilarious

    Seattle Seahawks

    Some of the best!

    Insidious Kid21

    @seattle Seahawks yup

Melly Wrld

I was dead when Matt Hasselbeck started talking about social media 😂

    Seattle Seahawks


Michael Palmer

I have the same team photo that Matt Showed


Please Make a Position Room Video For the receivers ..

Royce G

How’s the WIFI in Alabama 😂😂

President Credit card

Can my favorite team heart my comment

    Seattle Seahawks

    President Credit card 💙💙

    Luke Olson

    Seattle Seahawks what bout mine


    Luke Olson


Bill Daniel

This was awesome! Thanks for sharing! Love these guys!

    Seattle Seahawks

    Thanks for watching!

dgalv 7

This is exactly what I needed to put a smile on my face 😄

    Seattle Seahawks


Aiden Posey

34:03 I think this is my favorite part 😂

Giovanni Avella

We need the WRS version

Benjamin Farias

I saw Walter Jones at the Dragons game. And for those who were at the game, not on the big screen. We saw him when we were looking for our seats. I was star struck.

David Zakaryan


Ace Hardy


Kleo Papadatos

Thank you Hawks for bringing some normalcy into our lives.

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