Wild Card Round Preview | Eagle Eye in the Sky – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Wild Card Round Preview | Eagle Eye in the Sky

Fran Duffy and Greg Cosell dive into the film to break down the Philadelphia Eagles' win over the New York Giants to capture the NFC East before moving on to this weekend's Wild Card matchup against the Seattle Seahawks. To improve future podcasts, take this five-minute survey:

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Shadow IOS

Go birds!🦅🦅

Snake Jones


Shareef Collins

Love those 22 personnel sets.

Shareef Collins

Did the survey a couple hours ago too

Jason Strom

If we win this game then Pederson deserves a serious bonus.


I ca’t believe we’re in the playoffs. At least Casron gets some postseason playtime.

Nemshi Macapana

We can beat the seahawks people. We have the upper hand because they don’t know who his game plan against…

Jose olé olé olé

These guys are very informative. Surprised that i havent watched these episodes at all.


No matter what happen with Hawks, North Dakota man lead to the playoff bunch of guys who had a fulltime job in Wallmart two month ago. Strong december run back to back year with a decimated team by injuries. This organisation is doing pretty damn good job. I always critizied Douggie P for a playcalling (all credit to Frank Reich for a job what he did), I just dont like Douggie’s play calling. But he take the team with mutliple key players on IR to the play off 3 straight year. Let me tell you something.

2017 – starting QB, LT, MLB, RB are OUT and won a Lombardi
2018 – starting QB, whole CB group, practise squad guys stepped up
2019 – they lost EVERYBODY, and I mean ENERYBODY no WR, no RB – they lost fuc**ng 4 RB!!! 4!!, half of OL is done, no CB

and he made playoff 3 straight year. WTF?? Show me a team in a history who made this. Show me the team, who could do this today. So its harder and harder blame him for playcalling.

Greetings from Czech republic 🙂


    Travis Crump

    I agree with your statement but some of it isn’t true. Not pinpicking but we do have corner backs this year. We have Mills back. Darby shouldn’t be a starter for us. Leblanc and Jones and proven to be a great fit. And our star free safety mcloued isnt hurt so I’m not as worried about the defense after they’ve banned together. The offense is the biggest issue this year and so far, they’ve come to win. Let’s hope this weekend brings tears to all Dallas & Seattle fan across the globe lmao


    @Travis Crump ok, little bit exaggerating:) ,but CB’s are problem for years, if they are healthy, they sill didnt cover anybody, Mills struggle with double moves, Ronald “miss tackle” Darby and Sidney “cover nobody” Jones made one play for 3 years. Lets be honest, CB’s are problem for a decade. Deep balls are problem for maybe 10 years. In most of game is some opponent ofensive player (QB, WR) who make his season or carrer best performace (yards, TD 1st half stats etc.) in last 2 years. IMHO LeBlanc is no doubt a best CB in rooster. And i thing Russell is able find an easy way thtough them

Kyle Zirpolo

No question!

helicopter weewee

Eagles 24
Seahawks 21

Mohammad Abuali

I’m so pump for Seahawks game. We have a chance to win. But anything could happen in this game😎😎😎😎

Chuck Pestacchi

I’m excited that Carson Wentz will get this valuable post season play. Really would love to see him score big.

Nature Of Reality Radio

There have been 10 playoff games in NFL history where the teams playing against each other were named after birds. Home nest advantage dominates as the home bird football team is 10-0.

Better not tell this to the Eagles or they will lose touch with reality and think that they can’t possibly lose on Sunday against Seattle.

Sam Haine

Great show.. keep it coming guys!!
Jus keep the X’s & O’s the focus . U guys know the game

Philip Conrad

Man I love this podcast. I’m from Sydney Australia, and I’ve only known about this game since 2006 and the guys who introduced me to NFL were die hard Philly fans to which I too am a die hard eagles fan. But I’m still learning and this really allows me to get more understanding of this great game. Thank the lord above I wasn’t taught by a Cowboys fan 🤣🤣🤣
🦅🦅🦅🦅 Fly Eagles Fly

    cheesestake490 bops3

    Good day mate…. boy you are lucky lol

    Mark Burgh

    Hope your tikiboo – You can watch QB school – great for understanding the game as a whole.

    Philip Conrad

    Mark Burgh thanks man. Appreciate it 🤙🏾

Eric Campbell

The Marshawn Lynch positivity is funny to me. I hope and pray that the Seahawks use him a lot in the playoffs game. They won’t but we can dream.

Eric Burke

We’re gonna win another super bowl as even bigger underdogs

Carson Wentz

Next man Up
Lets get it
Dilly Dilly
Ward jr.
Superbowl bound

Carson Wentz

I Believe
NfC champs…

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