Doug Pederson: Zach Ertz Not Yet Cleared for Contact | Eagles Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Nikhil Krishnan

Love that Doug laugh. What a legendary coach

Nathaniel Forrest

Did Doug sprint to the podium at the beginning because he was huffing and puffing?

    Travis Crump

    Literally had to pause it when I heard it šŸ˜‚ I was like, is there someone breathing really hard near me

Joe Mancini

Doug has his mojo back and I am cautiously optimistic.

    driedupastrey 19


Wild Hockey


Natanel Solomonov

Is miles playing

William Fluck

Happy New Year Coach and Players! I know you are going to give the Seahawks more than what they can handle, Go Bird’s!


this team continues to rally behind Doug’s huge fearless balls that are rolling forward at a million MPH!


Best coach ever šŸ’ÆšŸ’ŖšŸ¦…

Stephen Sharkey

This guy is a Great coach

Chuck Pestacchi

Happy New Year too all the Bird’s, let’s get another win to start the year, I believe they will.

Kevin Loera

eagles 2020 super bowl champions šŸ¦…šŸ¦…šŸ¦…šŸ¦…šŸ¦…šŸ¦…šŸ¦…šŸ¦…šŸ¦…šŸ¦…šŸ¦…šŸ¦…šŸ¦…šŸ¦…šŸ¦…šŸ¦…šŸ¦…


Next man up. Hungry dogs walk hard!

    Big Joka

    Run fast

Bradley Slusser

I like us playing at home, and Seattle plays a lot of close games, so anything can happen..

johnny zadrozny

Dougy P in the house!!! Every Eagles fan knows that we have a very good chance of disciplining Seattle in our house

neil u

Beat the seahawks! Mailata can do something for o-line by now right? 1 rep?

    Timothy Roberts

    He’s on IR?

Joel Lobo

Why put big V at guard when matt pryor did incredibly well last game.

    Big Joka

    Because if Lane plays Big V is better than Pryor big V is a swing player can play BOTH spots well

Jason Strom

To this day it still cracks me up that they call him Big VšŸ˜†

Shaolin Master

Shout out Pryor, shout out Perkins


It always amazes me how these guys have been NFL writers and reporters for maybe 20-25 years and yet they still expect clear answers from the head coach when it comes to injuries. It’s all about the power of “maybe”: you want to keep the opposing team guessing, make them prepare for Lane, Ertz, Sanders… heck you could even throw Djax in there!

Chris Delgado

We need Ertz and Miles to be able to win

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