Which Offense Are You More Confident In? GMFB Debates Bucs or Saints – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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ZcTaylor Reply

It’s not really about our offense. We know they can get it done. It’s about the defense showing up and making sure that we actually have a secondary.

    2Keen To give a what Reply

    Playoffs we just need to outscore and advance

Rhys Rudd Reply

The bucs offence is better than the saints by miles, but the saints offence has a much lower level of difficulty when playing the bucs defence compared to the saints defence vs bucs offence.

    illmatic826 Reply


    Wishing B Reply

    You nailed it

    Wishing B Reply

    The first two times they played the Bucs ran double-digit wrong routes. That part shouldn’t happen again and with that the interceptions should be fewer. The Saints though have someone tall blocking Mike Evans and don’t need to double-team him so they can double team someone else.

MashieGamie Reply

Lets get this W! 35-29 bucs!

    zurkturk Reply


    DecorousGamer 85 Reply

    @zurkturk 9 Superbowls appearances

Chris Howard Reply

If the Bucs don’t run the ball they don’t stand a chance. RUN THE BALL BA!

Rich Riches Reply

Bucs all the way,win when it’s necessary,

Petr Morales Reply

Bucs offence their only chance, and their starting guard is out…

    Kole Vodvarka Reply

    Ya but when Alex campa went out of the game they allowed 1 sack and it was not even the guard that Allowed the sac it was the senter

    Petr Morales Reply

    @Kole Vodvarka yeah hopefully they can block well, more worried about their defence though. Have to score over 30 definitely

blacked mirror Reply

Bucs linebackers vs Kamara is going to be such good football! Man I love it!

    Feelz Reply

    The guy who will be on him has had a two game rest due to being close contact covid. So it should be really good.

john wonder Reply

Saints defense waaaay better than the Bucs. Im afraid the Tom Brady story ends this weekend.

Josey _ Reply

I’m just happy my bucs are in the playoffs and we won a game, beating the saints would be a nice cherry on top.

    Marecell Davis Reply

    In deed

    Thegamebred Ramon Reply

    We needa go to the superbowl straight up

    Lucas Geissert Reply

    Ayyyyyyyyyyy Tom is on his way for his 7th ring

    Wishing B Reply

    Laughing. I love watching the sweetness of Tampa fans. As a Patriot fan, we watched Tom go to 9 Super Bowls and almost make a few more. He went to the dance almost half of the years he played, even though he had a year he was out for injury. We are so used to him getting better as player within each season “improving” was always his focus and we are used to him “figuring it out” even if he has to come back from way behind, he always was able to just grind it out through sheer will and undeniable grit. The Saints defense versus Tom and the Bucs defense versus Drew are going to be interesting to watch. Not sure Drew can handle being sacked. Tom did okay with it this week but if the game starts with sacks he will have to gain composure. In 20 years, he has never lost in a game when he wasn’t sacked in the game. No sacks for Tom = a win so far 100% of the time.

Feelz Reply

Bucs about to finally shine!

    Aidan Vlogs Reply

    Don’t jinx it please

The Bike Watcher Reply

As a Bucs fan, the mere fact that we’re still talking about Buccaneers football in January is freaking exciting!

    Wishing B Reply

    I smile at that. As a Patriots fan who has watched Tom Brady go to the Super Bowl nearly half of the times that he has played – he made it to 9 Super Bowl and was a dropped pass away from a 10th and had an injury year, I am just grateful to still get to watch him play. But if Tampa can protect that man, they will win.

Kenny Lowman Reply


Megan Lasseter Reply

Anything is possible with Brady in the playoffs! We have a stacked team have to gel!

ProfessorVirgo Funland Reply

If we can stop there offense and score on mosty every drive we can win

Awesome Dylan Reply

I’m assuming brown will get more time (Amazing runner off catch)
Along with running game (RoJo or LF)
Saints defense has gotten a little worse let’s hope our defense plays good.
Remember they scored 38 when we played awful on offense so I don’t think they can score above 40🤞

Mario Fernandez Reply

Saints offense hands down. They will play Bucs defense

Jit.florida 22 Reply

Yo just let u know the saints cant stop our run game nd they gonna do they best to stop it but as they are distracted we have the best skillful receivers in the league and our defense is getting alil tighter easy dubs

Justin Reply

Gonna have to play their best ball. GL to the GOAT. Go Bucs

Sinatra 2020 Reply


阿麥 Reply

Shut up, let Brady do his right things.

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