Lavonte David Mic’d Up vs. Washington | Wild Card Game – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Lavonte David Mic’d Up vs. Washington | Wild Card Game

Linebacker Lavonte David was mic'd up against the Washington Football Team in the Wild Card Game.
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Dee Munny Reply


Joshua Julien Reply

1 minute?

WillTapley Ray Reply

He just seems so nice

Gerrod Elston Reply


Calvin Ellison Reply


Calvin Ellison Reply

Lets keep the momentum going


2 mintues

Chris Lee Reply


SuperSomebody101 Reply

is the next mic’d up gonna be 10 seconds long? its getting shorter and shorter lol

Mario Fernandez Reply

I dont care who it was and what round. Lavonte got a playoff win😎

Ruben Camren Reply

Woow woow πŸ˜πŸ’‹ πŸ’πŸ’–β€οΈ

iDazewrld Reply

LFG let’s beat these Aints

Nico Martinez Reply

these mic’d ups are so dope

LAnthony Thomas Reply

The man walks the fine line between class act and beast πŸ’―

mark B Reply

I’m so happy for him. Wish Gerald McCoy could be apart of this too.

    o0usf0o Reply

    Same! Him and David where great on bad teams for so long. Played hurt and always had a good attitude

Derrick Demps Reply

Top five linebacker in the league over the last 8 years, sad he doesn’t get all the recognition he deserves but bucs fan know he’s a beast

Devilwithnosocks Reply

This was so lame, I make more noise taking a dump.

Yedaiah Reply

I’m not a big Bucs fan but I love Lavonte David! Such a cool guy and hard worker.

Live Love Life Reply

Saints gonna be the clippers of the NFL

Edward Kitchens Reply

Most underrated linebacker in the league Great person on and off the field I pray he can Get a Super Bowl πŸ† Before he retires Go Bucs 🏈

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