Which Defensive Player Could Take A Leap in 2021? | Bucs Insider – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Which Defensive Player Could Take A Leap in 2021? | Bucs Insider

Senior Writer/Editor Scott Smith and Team Reporter Casey Phillips report on the latest news and break down the 2021 offseason.
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Tony Yayo Reply

Hire Jack Easterby

    German-English Reply

    That guy is a huge DB

    Tony Yayo Reply

    @German-English Easterby is a Defensive Back???? I thought Tampa’s secondary was solid

Ryan damon Reply


a_collection_of_cells Reply

Was AB there yesterday at the mandatory minicamp?

    Tiny TREE Reply

    Chill bro. Did u show up to your job??relax. Their is plenty of camp to go around plus not t everyone needs to show up everyday

    Nlk1 Reply

    @Tiny TREE AB will not be practicing until 2 weeks from now


    Didn’t you hear that EVERYONE was present!? That would include AB!

Elijah Elliott Reply

honestly i thing jpp is gonna have a huge jump

daniel mcfarlane Reply

2 in a row sets up the ultimate challenge: 3 in a row!

J R Reply

Really, Scott? The Cameron Kinley Active Duty Waiver Denial is not a “Situation”? This take seemed negative and dismissive of the commitment and Honor. I don’t think that’s what he meant, but seemed quick with verbiage.


They get rings??

Vi N Reply

I think the secondary will take a big step forward in ’21 and be one of the league’s best units. I think they’ll all improve but especially Sean Murphy-Bunting.

Wishing B Reply

I look at Tom and Gronk and I don’t see them any less motivated to win rings. The drive never goes away.

Joel Biju Reply

Casey’s shirt is sick!

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