Devin White on Bucs Minicamp: ‘We Hit the Ground Running’ | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Blow And Chill Reply

Our defense will be the best in the league this season

    German-English Reply

    Top 3. #1 in the run defense, but we’ll see how well the pass defense ends up.

Owen Parker Reply

Great player, great teammate, great young man. Bucs are going to be hella tough this year!!

Fernando Fernandez Reply

New drinking game, take a shot every time Devin White says “at the end of the day” during an interview.

Alain Belanger Reply

Right anwser Enjoy the season and the brothershoods too Continents all aspect

Akeem Bigshak Reply

This dude is a beast

Kawe'a Akuna Reply

Dak you better call in sick! The “Great White” is waiting….

Anna Fraley Reply

Good answers and attitude, Mr. “D” Captain 👨‍✈️

1motorcitychop Reply

Devin white will be the best line backer for years to come and a future hall of famer I love you bro your attitude and your game is what professionalism is all about

Andy Boyter Reply

It’s a wonderful thing the Buc’s are prime and in position to do something of great historical significance which is they can join only a handful of teams to win a back-to-back Super Bowl Season !
I say this with all confidence in that, when this IS accomplished this season then will the greatness truly show up as Tampa will be setup next year to do something never done. To win a third Super Bowl in a row !
Go Buc’s !
– Andy Boyter

Chris Maile Reply

One of the best if not the best
linebacker in the league. The
defense is only going to be
better this year. Go Bucs

HardBody425 Reply

The future is so bright for this young man and the bucs as organization as well finally some consistency from the front office go bucs fire the Cannons repeat

JJHcars Reply

Time to take your place as an All Pro young man and take the lead as BEST LB in the NFL. We wish you well and will be watching


Devin White you are the man.

Mike Ruzza Reply

I can’t really express how much I love me some Dev White!! Focus on him during games; even fun to see him on his horse!!! Haha Work hard young man!!!


Finally, the MVP speaks.

Mike Ruzza Reply

Dontcha just know his family is SO PROUD of this young man!! Mom and dad did a great job!!

Cain ishere Reply

That’s heart right there

Emanuel Burkett Reply

Devin is definitely taking on the Tom Brady leadership role of the defense. This young man has the “it” factor. He’s got greatness written all over him.

Al Saint Reply

Love the relationship between him and lavonte

Robert Antoinetta Reply

Great interview

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